Collage Contest 3, Update. Win 150 Steem and 1500 CCC in Prizes! - "Universe of drawings"

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Hello friends today I want to participate in this wonderful art contest, the friend @georgeboya invites us, the task is to make a collage with the images you want to include, I wanted to work with an image of the universe and add drawings that I have published previously, made in blue pen, the theme of my art is called "Universe of drawings" I wanted to give a planetary style with the constellations of stars, where from a room with a sofa you can open a dimensional door, so my drawings go through the universe at the speed of the light.

"Universe of drawings"

Step 1

For the background of this art use an illustration of the Universe where we see the planet jupiter and saturn and part of the constellations.


For this work use the design program "Ulead photo express"

I select the images and with the application of cuts I start to make my art.

Step 2

I select drawings that I have published on Steemit, I begin to let creativity take control of my visual art.

With the art I wanted to add an effect of image reflecting bubbles, to give a translucent effect.

Friend, I invite you to join this activity, here is the address of the contest.


Winner Prizes.
First Place: 50 Steem and 500 CCC Tokens.
Second Place: 30 Steem and 300 CCC Tokens.
Third Place: 20 Steem and 200 CCC Tokens.
5 Honourable Mentions: 10 Steem and 100 CCC Tokens each.
I am looking forward to see your collage creations.

To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something that motivates you, something that inspires you.

Tony Dorsett



Lindo collage de tus obras magistrales. Suerte

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gracias por tu gran apoyo

Interesting collage

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thanks friend it was a pleasure to carry out this activity, I invite you to have a little fun with this activity, greetings

Realmente hermoso y único.

gracias amiga por tu apoyo positivo

Really cool idea to compose your artworks with photographs, it looks so surreal:) Thank you very much for your entry:)


Thanks friends, I have always liked the concept, it is interesting to work with these techniques

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