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RE: [REVIEW] A video walk through of all the new SteemPeak features

in SteemPeaklast year

It was a good review, as a somewhat new user I did find it useful. I did not know about the advanced tab on create a post, and I like the idea of being able to put a post description instead of it grabbing the first however many characters.


Awesome glad it helped you out. I feel like if people are gonna spend many hours of their life creating content on here then 30 minutes to really sharpen their skills should be helpful. Or at least there will be a few like you that will get it and continue educating in your own ways.

I really liked learning about the Post description. I did not know that could be done, so had a go with it on my User Guide Post. I did a few shorts on steemworld when I was trying to learn the ins and outs of that two years ago now, mostly to help myself, and give myself a reference on how I figured something out, but also to share how I used it with others.

I wanted to be able to vote on more than just ten post a day, I learned that steemworld had a vote slider, and I learned how to use it, and shared that information with others. it was a little complicated when it first came out.

So as I explore steempeak, I'll be doing an occasional User Guide/Ref post. I know steempeak is doing a lot of tweaking of the product, but I think a few short how to chapter guides can be useful, and with the ability to edit, any major change in information can be updated as needed. But a starting point is needed, especially to help new people that join with no knowledge of Steem Block Chain social posting.