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Dear friends of @project.hope,

There is a lot happening again on the Steem blockchain. After HF 23, we already had another soft fork and Steem is now running 23.1. This had some very really effects on all users and especially on the project.hope community. A part from the new power down period of 4 weeks, the HF lead to the end of steemauto service.

The end of Steemauto

This means that all our automated upvotes are not working anymore and our voting power is stuck at 100% if we don't do manual curation. Since steemauto won't come back, we have to look for alternatives. Before I was using Steemauto I was using the service of beta.steemvoter. I've been using this service for quite a long time. The problem I have with beta.steemvoter is that the curation trail voting doesn't work for me. I honestly don't know why. However automated upvotes work.

Quick tutorial how to set up beta.steemvoter

Login in on beta.steemvoter with keychain. In the top menu bar go to "Streams".

source: beta.steemvoter

Click to create a stream.

You now can set up a stream for each account that you want to update automatically.

source: beta.steemvoter

  • Enter the account you want to upvote.
  • Enter the voting power you want to use
  • Enter the voting delay

I've set up these streams for my project @help.venezuela and the votes are going through normally. This works quite well.

Curation trails

A big success of @project.hope was the curation trail and I believe that it is possible to create such a curation trail also with beta.steemvoter using Guilds. Maybe @crpyot.piotr could create a guild for @ph-fund. We could then all follow the guild and hopefully it works like before ;-)

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Thank you @achim03, for sharing information with us here.

 9 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your comment!

At this point I believe it is better to move this community completely to Hive instead of using a blaster.

 9 months ago 

project.hope is currently working on both blockchains. There are some users who prefer to stay on steem.

 9 months ago 

Hi @chesatochi

Which community? PH ? Completely to hive? That would be insane and very risky decision.

I consider STEEM much more stable than hive. On top of that HIVE is run by many agressive users and I don't want to depend on their mercy. I will never forget when one of former steem witnesses warned me, that if I won't stop criticizing them then they will destroy my little project.hope.


Wow that not cool, in that case, it is better to rely on both platforms.

Oh, this is a good discovery i was initially bothered about how project.hope was going to cope with the changes glad we have this now.

 9 months ago 

I think it's a solution that is better than nothing ;-)

An interesting service, I already added my account to project hope, but what I wonder how he limited the so, as he did in steemauto that when my account a certain amount of so will arrive, the system will stop and allow me to recover automatically. I only have that doubt, of rest, the idea seems great

 9 months ago 

It's true that there is no treshold that allows you to stop voting when your voting power goes down. This is indeed a problem.

 9 months ago 

You are welcome ;-)

I am new to project.hope and I also learnt that steemauto was helpful in curating posts so I am glad there is an alternative already.

 9 months ago 

Steemauto was the perfect solution. This one has some deficits but I believe it's better than nothing.

@achim03 first of all very nice article , we are desperately need the alternative at this time.

 9 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Thank you for this update, I am sure project.hope will make good use of it.

 9 months ago 

Thanks for stoppying by!

Greetings, dear @achim03

Thank you very much for sharing this platform, I did not remember it but if at any time I use it, it is time to try it again.

Of course this is an excellent option for our community @project.hope.


 9 months ago 

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it seems not to be working that well ;-(

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 9 months ago 

Thanks a lot for the awesome curation!

I have tried to access the with several different IPs, but the application still has errors.
Let me know, by what country IP you can access to

 9 months ago 

I have been using it in the past and it worked. I used it again a couple of days and it seemed to work but now it's not working anymore...

 9 months ago 

Dear @achim03

Thanks for sharing this news buddy. At the moment I'm not going to try any new tool until some time will pass by and I will see such a tool still functioning.

After all, moving entire curation trail to new autovoting software will be a nightmare. It would require reaching out to large number of users, convincing them to try new tool. On top of that educating them and explainig how this software works - it's all just so much trouble.

Thanks for suggestion,

Yours, Piotr

 9 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your comment. Unfortunately beta.steemvoter doesn't seem to be working properly at the moment. Hope we will soon have a new tool.

 9 months ago 

Thanks friend.

This information it arrives when we need it most, I hope that other alternatives can come out soon.

 9 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your comment my friend!

Hi, @achim03.

Thank you for explaining this new alternative to those of us who used SteemAuto. Is there an alternative for curation trail voting?

 9 months ago 

At the moment there is no real alternative. I know from Piotr however that somebody is developping one.

Well, that's good news! I hope it doesn't take too long :)

 9 months ago 

Thanks for the info. I realized it didn't work anymore...