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When I started my journey on the blockchain it was such a slow progress at the beginning. After a first post where I presented myself, I got only a couple of cents upvote on the following ones. It was discouraging and it's only thanks to some great people that I managed to continue.

I believe that it is not much different today when people join the blockchain. First new users need to understand how things work and there is so much to understand that it can be overwhelming. If they manage to write a post or two they will be quickly disillusioned because of the few upvotes and interactions that they generate.

When you start on Steem you are launching your own content creation start-up

When I look at it from a business perspective, when you start on Steem, you are launching your content creation start-up. You have no customers, no resources, no market and you have no experience but you have some ideas for products/content that you want to create.

How would you proceed if you had a start-up?

If you invented a little tool and would build a start-up around it. How would you start to promote your product? You would probably begin by presenting your product to your friends and the people around you. This would give you some feed-back and maybe your first sales.

In a way it is not different for content creation here on Steem. But when you start on Steem you probably don't have any friends yet. That's why you need to find friends and build relationships before you can sell your stuff. If you just throw your products on the market, they will be invisible among all the other content that is produced.

You need to develop your market first. You need to develop your brand, make yourself known and build a level of trust by showing up regularly.

Where to start?

The world of Steem is actually huge and it's virtually impossible to discover everything that is produced on it. The key is to target not the whole but a section of this blockchain. You can do this over communities. Try to find the community that fits your interests best and start building relationships within these groups.

It's much easier to build relationships within a community of a limited number of people. In this community, you will find the same authors over and over and you can engage with them regularly. Comment their posts and give upvotes.

If you are consistent and you engage regularly with the same people, they will start to recognize you and a certain level of trust will be created. On this basis they will start to look at what you have to offer.

Study the community

Besides knowing what the community is about and what the main topics are, a good idea is to find out who are the leaders of this community.

How to find out who the leaders of a community are?

The first thing is to look at the team and the administrators. These people matter because they will define what will be seen in this community.

There are also in each community a certain number of people who attract a lot of engagement to their posts and often also generate posts of higher value. You can simply go through the feed of the community and look at the number of comments under the posts. After a while, you will know who you should follow and interact with.

Engage with the people that valorise your comments

In every tribe you will find people who have understood that this blockchain is about engagement and about keeping their customers/readers happy. These people will make it their duty to answer your comments and sometimes even give upvote them. Maybe they have a big account and can do it with steem. These are the people that you should interact with first. Why? Not only will you to earn a bit while engaging, you will also learn a lot of things from them because they are developing their own business in a great way.

Your start-up won't succeed over night

To be able to be successful with your content creation business, you need to be aware that you are in this for the long run. You need to show up regularly, if possible every day.

Don't forget that this blockchain is about engagement. If you understand this, you are on the right path...

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 5 months ago 

Dear @achim03

Another interesting piece. solid read buddy.

I also clearly remember my slow progress at the beginning of my journey as well. I thought at that time, that the only way to get exposure and earning rewards is by using bidbots to push my own post to trending page.
ps. Do you remember all those resteeming bots? I counted over 100 at some point.

I believe that it is not much different today when people join the blockchain.
First new users need to understand how things work and there is so much to understand that it can be overwhelming

Indeed. Learning curve is very steep.

On top of that ... content discovery is very poor. It seem to me, that neither those behind steem or hive do realize, that many users out there care more about content discovery than receiving rewards. I could never understand why there are no options of paying with STEEM for your post to be advertised/promoted on the platform. I surely would use such an option.
So far the best solution is ... mass memos. But not everyone likes to receive them, so it's a risky game.

Yours, Piotr

 5 months ago 

Do you remember all those resteeming bots? I counted over 100 at some point.

Indeed that was the game at that time, how to get as much money as possible to invest into these bots.

Content discovery is still problematic especially for new users that don't have any contacts yet. The chances are big that nobody will see thier posts.

Thanks a lot for your great comment !

 5 months ago 

@tipu curate

Good advices of a genius!

To collaborate, make friends and the point center to achieve the success on almost everything on life.

Another wonderfull post, thankyou!

 5 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your kind words my friend :-)

Buen dia. Como estas @achim03?.

Vaya muchas gracias por publicar esta entrada.

Como dices es bastante duro cuando estas comenzando en la familia steemit. Sobre todo si se toma en cuenta que uno llega con muchas expectativas pero cero experiencia y si a eso le sumamos que primera vez que participo en este tipo de blog, imagina mis resultados.

Sin embargo me has dado una buena bocanada de aire y esperanza. Los consejos que predicas en tu publicación me parece que son los que necesito para avanzar un poco mas en este mundo.

Tratare de realizarlos de la manera que lo indicas y así poder ver frutos de las cosechas que siembre.

Gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la proxima...

 5 months ago 

Entiendo espanol pero me cuesta mucho para escribirlo. Entonces the contesto en ingles :-)

It's very hard to get started and it can be quite frustrating because it's a jungle and in a way you have to learn everything by yourself. It takes time to find the relationships that will bring your forward. If you concentrate on these relationships, you will soon start some interesting conversations and little by little people will know you better, upvote your posts and maybe even give you automatic upvotes.

If you do that, little by little your income from the posts will also grow. You need to be persistant and engage as much as possible and never give up :-)

Eso hare... muchisimas gracias por los consejos. tratare de implementarlos. quisiera mejorar mis ingresos aca. me gustaría que mis esfuerzos lleguen a ser bien recompensados por el contenido, que logre que la gente comente. hey que bien theratrorve vovio a esctibir.... leelo vale la pena....
para eso debo de hacer un poco lo que dices pero como comentas tu ando perdido en esta selva. pero me adaptare. ten por seguro eso.

gracias por el apoyo.

hasta la proxima...

The process of growth cannot happen in one night it is gradual, it is consistent, it requires regular improvement, amazing piece.

 5 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your comment and your nice words!

Hello friend, excellent publication, I agree with you, at first it is not easy, I remember that when I started I was happy for 0.100 hahaha the truth is that relationships in this world are important, essential if we want to monetize and make ourselves known. It takes a lot of patience and constancy, I have 2 years in this and it is this year 2020 that I have really been able to achieve great changes, meet more people and generate more income.

2020 has not been so bad hehe. Greetings!

 5 months ago 

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. You are right it takes time and persistence but one day we feel we got through and it's becoming very interesting :-)

This is a great content and what very newbie should feed on. We all share a similar difficult start. I almost got discouraged along the way but for my resoluteness in achieving goals.

I remember when I had to stay indoors for days before I finally discovered a tip about engagement and that changed everything round to my favour

 5 months ago 

Engagement is really the key to understand this platform. It opens the correct doors to develop.

Thanks a lot for your comment!