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I've been playing this game for less than two weeks. I can't guarantee that all the information in these videos is totally accurate. I've researched things and discovered very interesting features in this game that I would like to share with you. If I got things wrong please write a comment so that I can correct it.






alienworlds -how to earn_p.jpg


Planet Mining Data:
Land attributes:
NFT Marketplace:
Tool Attributes:
Shining Tool:
Shining attributes:
Staking NFT's:


You click and wait. ;)

with my internet connection, waiting is an eternity.

the videos take a long time to load on my pc, can I contact you by discord, I want to try to play and see if I can win some coins but first I want to be sure.

 3 months ago 

The best is to simply get started with the game. There is a discord channel dedicated to the game that you can join and where you can ask all the questions related to the game.

Oh wow new game , I will definitely check it out and play and let see were it goes and how much I am able to generate money.

 3 months ago 

I believe it's a great way to start because you don't need to invest anything. Hope you will like it.

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