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RE: OUR 5 PLANS FOR 2020 - how do we plan to bring value to STEEM blockchain

in Project HOPElast year

It's always a pleasure to discover a new game on steem! I will have a look at it ;-)


You can check out our current game Goblin Prince for free by playing with coins from Rookie Chest (after finishing On-boarding section steps).

 last year 

I just enrolled and started to play. I would have a suggestion for the game. Many users don't have any steem to invest into the game and it would be great to provide a kind of faucet where you can get free coins to play regularly. You could monetize it with outside income. For example you could send people on a page with ads and a popup, there they could get a free coin every hour for example. You could finance the coin with ad revenue from this page. Like that people could play more often without investing.

Thanks for your advice @achim03! :) It is really helpful. By the way you can get coins from bonus chest winning in the Goblin Prince or by doing daily quest. It is also some way to get coins for free just by playing :)

 last year 

I really like the game. It's easy to understand and addictive. I've invested 5 Steem to try it out a bit ;-). I will recommend it further!

A kind of faucet to get free coins would be great all the same. I've been running crypto faucets for several years. If you need some ideas, I could help you there ;-)

Nice to hear it from you that you like our game :)
Sure if you could join our discord channel, we could speak about it.