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Dear Steemit Community

Today I will give you five very simple but important rules that will create a successful infographic: this should be simple , creative, have clarity, easy to visualise etc.


I will te about the most important requirements to make your presentation very power full according to your region.

1.Explain everything in detail.
First you need to make your structure of your infographic like you are writing a small story. It should include all the information like we write a story. All the story body intro , end , climax etc. You should include all the creativity in this story. Bring all the elements in one place and see the magic how this will impact the infographic.

2.Give the perfect visuals.
The type of infographic you create will depend on the data available to you. Once again, the starting point is not the design but the data. Also think about the terminal on which your readers will discover your infographic: laptop, tablet or PC. Give a small attention to different size and text viewable in different mobile.
Finally, not all data is good to transpose into computer graphics. If a table is more understandable, don't waste your time.

3.Keep it simple
A few seconds is sometimes all a user spends on an infographic. So be brief, concise and clear.Few texts reinforced by strong and understandable visuals.

4.Auto reload and refresh.
Infographics should reload and refresh. They often illustrate trendy subjects. As a result, the data they present changes very quickly. You must therefore be prepared to revise them regularly. And don't forget this basic rule: date your composition.

5.Easy to share
Publish your infographic where your audience is. On your blog of course, but also on social networks and curation sites.
Optimize the sharing and bookmarking functions and post it in widely distributed places such as Pinterest etc.

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