How to post on Instagram without the app?

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Big Instagram news now: as the first generation ever, you no longer require to have the Instagram free app to upload content or pics. However, before you get your hopes up, you can’t upload photos on Instagram of your PC. What you can do, though, is use Instagram’s recently refreshed mobile website to post to Instagram of the network. Here are the most common solutions to post on Instagram without the app itself.

The Website to post on Instagram without the app

Part One
Attend to from your device browser which is a tablet or phone – we examined both Safari plus Google Chrome including both of them pulled excellently! You’ll see a key to open the page in the Instagram application, but you can just neglect it or close it. By using your phone and mentioning that the desktop won’t let you do that, so you can log in to the website itself to post on Instagram without the app. The only thing that you need to do is go through your account page.

Going through this feature seems to be easy right!! From there you can see it is like the app and there is no difference in between. So maybe that is why the website only works with the phone. So after then you just click on the plus button. Then choose a picture or taking one then uploading it. So it will be posted on your account for everyone to see. You can do the same thing with your desired videos. Before posting it will ask you whether you want to add any captions or not.


Part Two
Snap-on the camera key in the bottom middle, just the same you would do in the mobile application. You are then prompted to either take a photo, upload an example from your photo archives, or locate storage assistance like Dropbox or Onedrive under “more.”

or like this “the android version”

Part Three
Pick your picture! You are then brought to a page where you can edit and crop by rotating your photo. You’ll see that there isn’t the capability to add a filter or edit your photo similar there is in the app. Tick next.


Part Four
Momentarily you can write your Instagram subtitle or caption you could say! Over again, uploading to Instagram of the web is more restricted than the Instagram application, as you can’t tag anyone or continue a position, and Instagram hashtags. Having a great post is just one of our concerns. you can have a bio for your self. So the quote of Christian is the best solution that makes the account look fantastic so you can find them here.

Part Five
Tick “Share” plus your photo either video going to be posted to your Instagram account!


The sense is a lot better on the natural Instagram application, but the mobile web view has become a long way plus seems very similar to the natural Instagram encounter, notably the home provisions.

So, why would you want to unleash or post your content to Instagram of the website on your phone instead of using the native Instagram application? If you possess to have an iPhone conversely an Android, you presumably don’t require to. The original Instagram portable website works on any phone or tablet, which will only increase Instagram’s reach, especially in lands where having an iPhone does an absolute waste. As Instagram converts more and numerous global, remaining able to post from a device on the web remains key to providing everyone with the capacity to accept the policies.

Post via PC using AiSchedul

If you enjoy the idea of posting to Instagram of your PC or Mac, you can sign up for AiSchedul! You can post all of your photos from your desktop or phone, type your subtitles on your network, and then schedule them for when you desire to post. For desktop users, it is easy to see upload their photos by choosing a proper third party app that provides them to upload and share their content.
There is a sample of posting contents via AiSchedul:

Go to the main page and log in to your account.

Now enter your username and password.

Go to your account and tap “Manage Account”.

After that, you will see this page below which is the dashboard. So you must select the “Schedule”.

Now after then you will be filling an information sheet for your account content to be posted. You can select between story and regular feed-in section one. In two you can drag the content it could be an image or a video.


  1. Chose story or regular post
  2. Uploading content
  3. Writing the captions
  4. Inserting hashtags
  5. Adding locations
  6. Date settings
  7. Submitting information
    You can upload videos and photos up to ten contents once.
    Wait for your post to be uploaded after a while. Done!

Here we can look into a professional app that makes the world of uploading Instagram content a lot easier. So you can check out or comparison while criticizing its characteristics with other competitors. It is highly suggested that you check it out for your self and start using our platform to upload and schedule your beautiful content throughout the Instagram social media without the need for its application or mobile app.


I am not an active Instagram user but I think this is a great information for people who might have been waiting for the option to become available, great post.

It is my pleasure.

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