What You Should Teach Your Children about Money

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Money is a necessity in our day to day lives and we all need money to attend to money problems, but amazing how a lot of parents do not teach their children about money and what they should understand about wealth and money. The wealthy class try their best to teach their children about money but the average and poor barely want to hear the money topic and I guess it is because they do not know much about this topic, (you cannot give what you do not have). In this post, I will be looking into a few things that children should know about money and what I expect parents to teach their wards about the topic money.


Money is not something of emotion, it is a tool

The major reason a lot of people spend money wastefully is because they see it as an emotional substance. The reason why this is so is because they have seen money as a means to happiness while the lack of it would equally lead to unhappiness. Money gives a good life, no doubt but it is not a means to happiness, and it should not be something to be emotionally attached to rather, it should be regarded as a tool which can be used to invest, purchase the needed and other financially related stuffs.

The limit to owning money is Unlimited. Problem Solving equals Money making

Jeff Bezos, hit the 180 to 200 Billion dollar milestone which used to seem impossible in the past, thanks to his solution to retail purchase, internet services and so on. The more solutions you can profound to a problem, the more money you will make. The ability to use the mathematical potential difference in real life endeavor means the ability to earn more money regularly.


good article, what determines our financial situation is an emotional thermostat is a good thing to teach like children how to control it.

Thanks for the comment friend.

Remember to teach them to make a lot of money before saying 'money is not everything', lol. Nice two points though

Really important point also, thanks for reading.

Hello friend, certainly we must teach our children what is really important. Money can help us and satisfy us at certain times but it does not ensure happiness. Having money is not bad, you just have to know how to use it in the best way.

Completely agree with you, thanks for reading.

It is important to make them understand that money is a tool and that it depends on us how we use it successfully, in this sense I think it is important to educate in cuabt to saving and planning Your concern is very legitimate, I congratulate you @ajewa, it shows tha.t you are a good mother

Thanks for the comment friend.

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