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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

Thank you very much for updating us with this topic. I have commented on all posts regarding this topic within PH since, as a content creator, I am against those who pretend to be creators.

I, like you, am against these types of acts and less in rewarding those who do it. I am also in favor of your policy, I think the best punishment will be to stop completely supporting the user who commits this infraction.

I think that the most active users creating content, we should encourage this same initiative not only with the image that you have placed of "anti plagiarism" but also introducing this in a subtle way in our publications. For my part, I can add additionally to the image: 100% original content created for Project Hope by Alejandro Aristeguieta.

Other ideas will occur to me that I will let you know, especially so that the posts you create generate in others the intention of striving to create your own content and exploit your creativity. A big hug @crypto.piotr

With affection

P.S: I am updating my last post with the anti plagiarism image ;)

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