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Hello Everyone

This year 2021 has been going fantastic for the crypto community so far because after Bitcoin now Ethereum has started going up. Bitcoin has been going up at a fast speed and it has crossed the price mark of $34k and right now its in correction mode and trading at USD 29k plus range. Although there is a dip of 13% in the last 24 hours.

Seems like its a good time for etherum and its has crossed the mark of 1k USD after a long. ETH had created an all-time high in early 2018 and now after almost 3 years, it has again touched the 1000 USD mark. Looks like, after bitcoin, ETH is starting its rally

ETH is the second biggest coin after Bitcoin as per market cap and after its version 2.0 huge amount of ETH tokens got staked. Etherem is one of the platforms that was started with this kind of unique technology however many other platforms are having better technology than Ethereum and Polka dot is a good competition for this.

So many project and DeFi is using more of ethereum smart contract platform and this is a good reason to give spike to ETH prices. Here is how the overall crypto market is looking like in colors.


Here is the 5 days chart for Ethereum and it was approx the 700$ price mark so in the last couple of days it has shown a great jump. Price increase in etherum could be a good sign for altcoin rally and if it continues then it would be awesome.


Not just ETH and Litecoin has also gone up and pretty close to dollar price while it was less than 100 USD 2 weeks back. Usually, people prefer to invest in top 5 or top 10 coins because these are quite strong coins however XRP is an exception. Recent news in XRP has created a lot for this coin but these days its looking slightly stable after the blog shared by ripple lab.

I don't hold all the coins but its fun and my interest to see the market movement everyday especially when there is more news all around. Its even a good option to learn more about crypo as knowledge is never waste and help a lot

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

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Hopefully the price continues Going up because that's good news for everyone . Thanks for your interesting post.

I also hope the same and it seems that it will happen soon.

Seems like its a good time for etherum and its has crossed the mark of 1k USD after a long

I'm guessing 1500 is the next for ether. After that it's time for other alts and we can expect that when the bitcoin will be stable. Let's see what will happen, something good is come out.

I also have the same thought buddy and hope it happens soon

hi friend @alokkumar121
I would like very much for ETH to start its Bull run, I hope that the currency of this platform will also start its Bull run, it is logical to think that BTC will drag up all altcoins

Hi @ramsesuchiha
It seems like the bull run for ETH is on and hopefully, we will be able to see the price spike in the coming days. Thanks.