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RE: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our new partnership is starting TODAY. Let's see where will it take us ...

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I got to know about this website through @steemitblog post but never visited but after this announcement, I have gone through the portal. Few of the points I have as my findings-
1- Good that its not asking for KYC which makes it easy to use the same like blocktrades but I think they should be providing option to log in and retain the history of transactions.
2- As of now it offers steam conversion to USDT, BTC, and TRX but I that they are missing SBD. They need to add an option to convert from SBD to STEEM and STEEM to SBD. I have no plans to take away my steem token from steemit platform but I have been converting SBD to STEEM/SP a lot with blocktrades but this option is not yet here. Its of no use for the people who don't want to take out their steem away. I will certainly use this if they add this option and I am sure many people would be here like me.
3- Undoubtedly UI is simple and easy to use.

I understand that it's is in early stage and there will be much more coming in but such feedbacks would be helpful to add more functionalities and increase the usability of the website. Thank you.

 3 months ago 

Dear @alokkumar121

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

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