How Does Pain Change You? [Mindfulness With Me]

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There is no life without pain. It was created to give a touch of the art of life to release sentient beings from the line of boredom.

But what if there is too much pain in your life?

Pain management in life is the most difficult thing because it can be said that it is fundamental to controlling other things.

You could say we will be strong and wise when we can control the great pain when it repeatedly comes into our lives.

The thing we always make sure is don't let pain turn us into something worse than before.


Forgive Anything. Forgive Yourself

Pain can come to anyone at any time. Pain can come not only from illness but more often in the form of disappointment and failure.

Training your heart to be broad is the most important thing. We must always learn to train ourselves to forgive anything.

I know forgiveness is never easy. But we will become accustomed to being able to forgive if we are willing and accustomed to doing it.

If a lot of pain is going on, the first thing that happens is you look for the cause of your pain. You are looking for objects to make themselves innocent. But many people also blame themselves and there are quite a few suicides that occur.

Forgive yourself. It's okay when we're not okay. We can't blame anyone when the universe is completely tempting us.

Don't Be Afraid to Always Be a Good Person

Disappointment, failure, and anger can make a person change completely. They are afraid to be good for fear of being disappointed by life again.

Have you ever felt tired and wanted to stop doing good because you felt that life never paid for you with happiness?

Okay, that's not how life works. You will not be paid happiness for your hopes. The way it works is that the universe will help you create your own happiness if you are fully aware of your worth and don't stop doing good.

The world is full of goodness, and pain will always be a shadow of it. It was okay and not at all annoying. You just need to get used to it. Don't let the image scare you off.


Step up

Don't let the boiling water turn you into mushy carrots. You must turn pain into your means to transcend yourself.

It doesn't matter when you fall over and over and nothing helps at all. Get up by yourself, and feel you slowly walk and even run to a better place, far away from your past scars.

Don't want to be the person in the same place with the same pain. You deserve to be better regardless of the pain that strikes you.

Keep the spirit going on living. Up ahead there will be more pain, but more beauty for those of you who are ready to be brave enough to choose your path.


Sometimes life difficulty will try to turn our good heart into a difficult and ugly one but we must not give room for that, we have to fight to maintain our sanity and good heart no matter what happens.

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