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As the year ends, and on this fine Christmas day, it is good to remember what we have achieved and look forward to how we can build things further in the new year. With this thinking, it was great to see the Steemit Awards 2020 post and seems the ideal time to make my nominations for some outstanding people.

Best Author

I would like to nominate @josevas217 - I have been reading posts by @josevas217 throughout the year and many of his posts are on investment, crypto, general wellbeing and self-help and or course, Steem.

Not only do I find his posts interesting and informative, but they are also nicely styled. The key to being a good author is considering your audience and how they are going to digest the content. He even wrote about effective communication recently to share his experience with others on Steem.

Best Contributor to the Community

For this category, there could be none other for me to nominate - @crypto.piotr is an absolute superstar. I remember my early days of Steem and how he helped me to start getting engagement. He has helped so many people to get started on Steem and encouraged them when they have found it is difficult to get started. He has also dedicated so much time to successfully running the Project Hope community that is one of the most vibrant communities on Steem.

I am truly honoured to have met @crypto.piotr on Steem and blessed to consider him as a friend. I know there are so many people who would echo my thoughts on what @crypto.piotr has done for them.

Best Community

How could I finish off a series of nominations without nominating the Project Hope community? This community has developed its own economic system whilst promoting a really strong community spirit. The system supports a number of Venezuelans with financial support whilst they in turn then support the community by curating and administering the community. This process allows for smaller minnow authors to get better curation rewards and readership. The whole system is self-reinforcing which has helped the community grow to a huge number of active participants.

The Project Hope community also covers some of my favourite topics: Cryptocurrency, blockchain, investment, AI and tech. It also covers the economy and business.

The thing though I love the most about Project Hope is the community spirit and most of the people that I have met through Steem and have formed a community bond with, are through the great Project Hope community. These include the following excellent people (sorry if I missed a couple) - thanks to all of them and to others for making this community so strong:

@juanmolina @thetimetravelerz
@achim03 @lanzjoseg @josevas217 @fucho80 @gbenga @alokkumar121 @carlos84 @samminator @bala41288 @unbiasedwriter @luckyali @franyeligonzalez @newton666 @paragism @adityajainxds @mandate @tfame3865 @mynima @wiseagent @shortsegments @solarwarrior

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Thanks to all of the above to your contribution to Steem and I hope that you will support my nominations above.

Merry Christmas all!


Second you on this. 👍

Hello @awah
It is an honor to be mentioned by you in your publication. Being recognized in some way is always rewarding.
I certainly agree with your mention of @crypto.piotr in this opportunity, it is simply the great leader in this community.

Hi @josevas217 - You are most welcome and very deserving, and I know my thoughts are shared by others. Thanks for all your great contribution to this community 👍

Hello friend, I congratulate you, the truth is I agree with you, @josevas217 is a great writer and always gives us a diverse and quality content. I hope your proposals are heard! Greetings!

Thanks for your comment and supporting my nomination. Also thanks for being a great contributor to this community.

well i have also decided to choose josev for author. anyway superb post and you said the truth in this post. thanks for making nomination post for ph... keep sharing buddy !!!

Thanks for your comment and support for my nominations. Thanks also for your contribution to this community, stay safe and have a great day.

Resteemed already. Solid upvote on the way. Fingers crossed :)

Great choice my friend and thanks for the mention. My post will be shared today as well. I will also ask some of my friends to participate. Thanks.

Thanks. I will look out for your post too.

 3 months ago 

Dear @awah

I fully agree with your nomination of josevas217. I also acknowledged Jose to be one of the best writter out there and I absolutely enjoy reading his publications.

And obviously: big thx for supporting Project.hope and nominating both me and our community. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)

I am truly honoured to have met @crypto.piotr on Steem and blessed to consider him as a friend

I'm blushing! stop it :)

Stay safe. And have a great monday ahead of you.
Yours, Piotr

Hi how are you

I am good thanks - u?

Great nominations buddy. Nice choices

Thanks for your support!!

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