Hive Blockchain is launching this Friday

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I'm very excited today to see the announcement about Hive Blockchain. They have finalized the domain name, logo, branding and everything is all set and ready for the launch. I guess we can start packing our bags to get onboarded on Hive Blockchain. Though I have so many questions in mind like others do, I'm equally excited about this new opportunity. Nobody knows what what will be the future but one thing is for sure that we write the future and if we plan it well, we can create a good future.



While this all started some people including me had a thought that anything that emerges or forks out of the parent have never been able to surpass the parent. If Hive is going to fork out of Steem the same can happen. I also had this confusion in my mind. Then later when I thought that it is the whole community moving to a new and better place because the old one is currently being occupied by new people, I guess this project should be of good success.

I also personally trust the closed group and 30 people and the developers out there. They are hard workers who have already proved their skills and capabilities in many community projects. I trust that they will make this place a better one. One good thing that I'm most excited about is the fact that we need not be dependent on Steemit to support in any aspect and push the code or make changes to the UI.

It is so horrible that we did not see any visually appealing development happening in the last 4 years. I believe this new chain will bring more opportunities and will have better ways to handle plagiarism, spamming and try to keep the ecosystem clean. There are still lots of questions and grey areas here and there. There are few things that I would like to see in the future.

  • More exchange listing for HIVE
  • Gradually more value for the Hive token.
  • POS and DPOS handled in a better way than it being a criteria to take control here.
  • Definitely a better condenser than the shit old steemit condenser.

I'm not a big fan of SMT to be honest. I personally feel that SMT would further drain the value of the master currency of the chain. I believe that's what happened when Steem-engine was introduced. None of the tokens in Steem engine are in the same place or better price than how it was during the launch. Well that's a separate topic all together.

We sill don't see any clear picture from some of the DApp owners and business owners here about their stands on this. Some people say they are going to wait and watch and some have openly declared that they will be moving their operations to the new chain. Hope this doesn't create any confusions and drop existing value of our holdings even further.

On a final note, I would like to support this move and I'm sure we will soon come out of all the confusions and things will soon be clear as we experiment it out. As a developer in this chain I would be interested to continue my journey here contributing to the community in the way I can.


yes and anxiously waiting

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Yep. Everyone is waiting. 😀

This is exciting that the new blockchain will be ready soon. Hopefully, the Dapps I use (mainly Actifit) will move over to the new blockchain.

Yes hopefully. There is no confirmation from all the dapps yet. Some have confirmed that their services will continue on the new Blockchain. Let's wait and see.

I seriously wonder how will it affect project.hope, which relies so much on curation trail and delegations.

Resteemed already :) Upvote on the way

Don't worry about that. When the move happens, SteemAuto will also be moved to Hive or at least support Hive. So, the community will survive.

Also the delegations will still remain on the new chain. And there will be no difference. You can even decide to operate @project.hope on both the chains if your delegators are willing.

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Dear @bala41288

I'm very excited today to see the announcement about Hive Blockchain.

I fully understand excitement of many. I'm myself worried. It's sad to see that witnesses gaved up the fight for steem blockchain so fast. And they managed to convince most users to migrate to different chain. I'm not sure if this is any different from what Justin wanted to do in the first place. Surely there are some small differences, but overall it's pretty much same shit. It will affect greately so many users and create more uncertainty in the nearest future.

The fact that it was all prepared is only proving, that while fight with Justin was happening - preparation to move out from steem was already happening. Was this conflict with Justin nothing but SMOKE?

Hope this doesn't create any confusions and drop existing value of our holdings even further.

Oh it does create tons of confusion and uncertainty and fear. Things are moving to fast and out of control.

It's surely sad that things played out this way.

I've been trying to figure out what to think about entire situation. In my opinion - neither Justin or most old witnesses aren't to be trusted - and it's just power struggle.

Regardless, we're all going to be affected in ways we cannot yet predict.

Personally, I care to learn how many people I know will move to one chain or another. To see who I would lose if I choose one option or second one. Probably I will try to maintain my presence on both chains.

Yours, Piotr

Also excited here. I hope appics esteem and actifit migrated seamlessly to the hive.

I have mentionned you in my Daily Crypto News

It seems this HardFork is a good idea but I am affraid you guys are moving TOO FAST !

I am checking STEEM blogs and still don't have a clear view on the aridrop and all the metrics a user / investors needs to have.

Friday seems too fast, you should let the community have more time otherwise you might loose a big portion of it.

Best and I will be joining for sure but not leaving totally STEEM either.

I will remain on both and not power down from steem.

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same here

I'm right with you. This only creates potential opportunity for both blockchains in my eyes.

That's one strategy and I would not say it is wrong. But seeing that many big stake holders already decided to leave steem completely and dump their tokens, the market value of Steem can drop even further and Justin himself can dump his tokens after he power down. So be careful

But well, we cannot predict anything now. Let's see how it goes.

You brought up many interesting points about Hive's potential success and failures. I'm also curious whether Hive can outrun Steem in the future.

When you mentioned about the Steem-Engine tokens, I realized that none of those tokens really surpassed Steem. However, time could be different ~ Blocktrades and the other developers are the ones working on Hive. And the majority of the "real" steemians seems to be backing it as well.

Let's see what Hive can bring to the table.

I don't think any of the real Steem people ever cared about Steem-engine tokens so I doubt that. I'm not even sure what Aggy would decide about Steem-engine. Let's see.

The FOMO is already pumping the price of Steem. Looks like the party is on. 😀

I caught that as well, 56% within an hour. It jumped 10 ranks higher. I think that this pump for Steem will bring more eyes & positive impact for Hive as well.

Yes it is so exciting. 😀

I think i will like to watch things unfold.

Yes that can be a good move. 😀

I can't really wait for the launch of hive to occur 😊. I have been anticipating for it's launch including the airdrop and I hope the team will do this as promised 😊.

I think Justin and the teams are really doing a very great job in developing the steem blockchain and for your information, this has led to the drastic and rapid boost in steem price.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla in courtesy of @crypto.piotr ❤️💕❤️

I don't understand what you are talking about and not sure if you understand the current situation or not. If you think Justin is trying to develop and take this Blockchain to next level, then you are wrong. The pump is Steem price is for getting Hive airdop. You will see it fall bigtime after the launch is complete.

Thank you for the post, i have gotten all the information i need to know about the hive

Cool. I'm glad that it helped. 😀

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Greetings friend @bala41288.

I personally really liked that a new blockchain was created.
This possibility had been talked about a lot since the conflict began. What surprises me is the short term in which they managed to develop it.

I am sure that a great team of experts is behind all this great progress, but I imagine that corrections will have to be made on the fly. I hope that the most vulnerable points have been "armored" against future attacks.

Your friend, Juan.

Thanks for your comments @juanmolina. I guess it was always under discussion right after steemit was acquired. And additionally it was just a copy paste and a few changes to the chain. So they were able to make it within a short span of time.

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I don't think it's something as simple as copy / paste.

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Guess those that are switching 100% to HIVE just got tires of killing this blockchain and want to kill something else, bye bye to those that switch please don't come crawling back

I'm sure you don't get the full picture. I would recommend you doing some research and reading before taking sides or talking about killing. 😀