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Achim is really doing a super good job!

The Nobel project has the go up even though steem and steemit is going through hard times.

Wow! This is amazing and quite thought. We all have a hand in making the world a better place and I really appreciate you for this initiative.

However, you did not spell out how to support the Nobel Project!

Thanks for the support we have to work together and make the Nobel project the bst project for the people in need

Everyone can supply just by buying Nobel and staking it. With the voting power you can influence which project shall be most supported.

There are children in various small communities who go through this phase, but I wish you the best.

Hello @battebilly

Thank you for choosing project.hope HIVE, however I would need to ask you not to post within project.hope HIVE/community if your publication is not related to topics such as:

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Otherwise you may unfortunatelly end up making our little community looking little messy. Hope I'm making sense? For that reason I need to mute this publication.

However if your publications are related to any of those mentioned topics, then please feel free to post it within our HIVE and I will gladly support it with some decent upvote.

@project.hope team

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