Note to self: You have to know what you're good at

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Some months ago, I talked about my failed attempt to go into marketing. For me, that experience was more of an eye-opener than a failure. The summary of the story is that I got a marketing job and quit after one month of excruciating pain and it taught me that marketing and sales, in particular, are not for me.


Now, the point I'm driving at is that in the years that passed, I've learnt about myself and while my inability to actually sell actual items hasn't improved, I find that I'm in my element when it comes to selling a service.

Whether it is an item or service you're selling, you need to market them in some way. In my short experience, introducing a new product to the market is far more difficult than introducing a new service because for me, items require an objective position but rating in quality of service received is subjective from the getgo.

In both cases, the proof is in the pudding but unlike selling items where what you see is what you get, selling a service requires a subtle approach that makes the potential customer believe that this is what he/she wants.

Neither of them is easier in the general scheme of things but for me, marketing my service is a lot easier than selling some electric bulb that I have no interest in. I think a major barrier preventing me from embracing marketing items as against marketing my service comes down to Trust. The fact is that I trust and can stick my neck out for the level of service I render, but can't do the same for some item I had no hand in creating.

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" The fact is that I trust and can stick my neck out for the level of service I render, but can't do the same for some item I had no hand in creating."

No Truer words have been said . I personally have managed sales and marketing and I can confidently agree with you here . Being able to be part of a product or a service right from it's infancy lets you understand the dynamics of the product and the pain point you are trying to solve . Hence it allows you to be more naturally passionate and convincing over selling it.

We should not go in a particular life direction simply because a lot of people are going in that direction, focusing on a niche particular to our strength is very important to obtain a fast result.

We certainly cannot be good at everything, realizing those things we are particularly good at and sticking with them when we improve to get better will make us even achieve better results.

Hello friend, to feel identified with what you do is important, since, you can become successful in it because you carry out the activities with dedication and passion. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Have a great weekend!

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