Turkey bans Crypto and the FUDDERS are loving it

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If you search the phrase "Turkey bans cryptocurrency", everything you'll see is about how Bitcoin value dropped after the ban.

Naturally, mainstream outlets will peddle FUD at every chance they get. In more ways than one, they're sort of like the annex of the government anyways, since most of them have to kiss ass at some point, so I'm not surprised.

Different outlets peddled different versions of the same headline that focuses on Bitcoin's drop in value.

Reuters describe the 4% loss in value as a "Tumble".

Interestingly though, the body of the article isn't as FUDish as the clickbait headline. In one part, the article discussed how the crypto community usually shrugs of such Draconian policies.

Aljazeera were more lenient with their headline as they stated that Bitcoin "felt the pain".

I mean, yeah it sucks for the crypto price to drop and everything but this is really nothing new.

A 4-10k drop in Bitcoin price is not news. However, the fact that it coincided with this situation in Turkey is just another cog in the agenda machine.

It is international

Alas, this situation with Turkey banning crypto as a means of exchange just means that people should HODL.

In Nigeria where we're also suffering under a boomer dictator that pretends to be a president, facilitating crypto transactions is met by sanctions.

Both scenarios have one thing in common; a boomer that is out of touch with reality.

Joseph Edwards, head of research at crypto brokerage Enigma Securities in London noted this same sentiment as he stated that;

similar regulatory moves in Nigeria and India “didn’t even move the needle”.

At the end of the day, it is just the world versus powerful men that are out of touch with reality.

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Very much out if touch with reality. Nice read