Scarcity is Constant in Our World, we just have to Leave with it

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Scarcity is in our world and it is going nowhere. This is not the time to throw stones at me or shades because I really do know what I am saying (or maybe I do not know what I am saying). Where there is a value, there is a quantity and when it has a price it surely has to be scares. I guess the only free thing we have to ourselves in the world is air, don’t get me wrong, I did not say oxygen because the air we take in is not made of only oxygen but our body does the filtration taking out what we need and disposing the waste so don’t mistake my saying of air for oxygen more so, oxygen isn’t free, you can go ask at the hospital if it is free but the last I checked, it has a price and we will see that pure oxygen is as scare as going to the moon.


I want to say that human wants are unlimited and do expect to have all they can but then economics come in with demand and supply which then leads to scarcity directly or indirectly. Water is abundant on earth, but clean water has a price as it requires a lot of purification process and a lot of technological equipment were required to make it good for consumption which then means people have to pay for the clean water and when they are not paying for it, the water is being shut down. Sand could have been the easiest way to be rich as people could have packed a lot of sand and use it for their day to day buildings but then it needs to be scarce and so the government place rules restricting people from excavating the soil for any use except the government give authorization which means the person would be taxed for digging out the soil and the person would have to sell it for a price.

Time is also a scarce commodity which I have been asking myself for days if it has reduced or I am the one not managing it properly. The ability to learn is also very scarce as knowledge is often a scarce commodity. With scarcity, humans have been able to do a few things with limited resources and we have been able to utilize them properly. Humans are left with opportunity cost and they have to pick what they have to do and what they have to leave. You can’t live in a life of abundance, there will always be scarcity and it is meant to stay for life.


I think attitude mindset makes a difference To live happily I have always thought that it depends on how the different daily situations are assumed and handled, and here the difficult thing is to learn to do it.

A post with very good reflections, I congratulate you!

Thank you for your contribution.

Although it might be difficult to admit because we want a life of ease but the picture you have painted is right, scarcity will always be present as we cannot have it all.

Thank you for your contribution friend.

You are very right scarcity is one thing that cannot just completely dissapear, there are people who will always have while some will never have

Life is not balanced it will always be that way.

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