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RE: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our new partnership is starting TODAY. Let's see where will it take us ...

in Project HOPE4 months ago
  • My early days on steem was serious because I found it difficult to convert my steem. So I sell them to onchain buyers because I don't know how to go by it. Blocktrade process was tough to understand too.
  • Steemscan is a great tool, with a friendly interface. A newbie who yet still new or has little knowledge can access and make use of it without difficulty.
  • I think the fix fee needs to be looked into. It might look unfair to those who might want to convert small amount.
    However, change is what every human should learn to adapt to. Blocktrade time has gone, steemscan might look like a complete stranger to us with views that might not suit some people. But this is just the beginning, I hope it will get better or more beneficial as time goes on.

The partnership between PH community and the group of South Korean developers is really a great new. Wishing for the success of it..
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 4 months ago 

Dear @benie111

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

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