The Power That Lies In Our Intention & Emotion

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To formulate your successful lifestyle, you need to have a positive intention and develop key interests for yourself. Needs and values are the foundation of your nature; the intention is an action plan. Intention gives your key interests an element of commitment, and true strength comes from your adamant will.

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Your intention is not something that you have invented, but rather that you have singled out from your interests, needs, and values. Since your intention is most often of a general nature, it will be useful to concretize it by identifying a positive result to which its implementation will lead. Ask yourself: “What specific solutions can satisfy my interests? Use a mental image to present a result so desired for you. This kind of visualization will help you gain the confidence and conviction necessary for success. It is very helpful to write down your intention and even discuss it with a colleague or friend. This will remind you of your obligations to yourself.

Draw a line between “whether” and “how”

If you know that now you don’t have time to help others, but you are overcome with fears and blame for your loved ones, then you still say NO, because you have no interest and need to agree. You need this time for yourself, so solve the failure as an effective NO. Do not look for alternative "whether" and "how."

Transform Emotion into Decision

Once you have clarified your intention, the moment comes to give it energy. The source of this energy will be your emotions but only properly used.
EMOTIONS are a signal of unmet needs and have tremendous motivational power. Therefore, instead of succumbing to emotions, rein them, and direct them in the right direction. The main thing for a person is not to act under the influence of emotions impulsively and destructively and they will become your friends and allies.


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We need to move from just having intentions to taking decisions in action steps. This is what brings success. Intentions without actions is useless

You nailed it bro. Thanks for coming around

There is a very commendable power in intentions but until we transform those intentions into actions, they will really have no impact.

It is only when action complement our intentions before success can be unlocked

Thanks for coming around

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