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Poloniex : Referral Program



Introduction to Poloniex Referral Program

At Poloniex Exchange, now you can earn with inviting your friends Poloniex platform. We know that Poloniex platform has a great community of traders and crypto fans. So Poloniex has started to reward their customers who promote the platform to personal networks. Poloniex uses a referral program which is eligible for existing customers where they can invite their personal contacts, friends and earn a commission from their trading fees. There are two parties, inviters and referrals. Inviters means the people who bring people to Poloniex and referrals means the customers who are invited to Polonex by a person through the referral program. This referral program is very creative. When you invite a friend to the Poloniex platform and when your friend start trading , you will get 20% commission from your friends trading fees. And there is a benefit for your friend too. He will earn 10% back from the trading fees. That's the reason why I mentioned this Poloniex Referral Program is very creative. It's benefited to both parties.

How does it work ?


The steps you have to follow are very simple. The first step is to get your referral code. You have to visit to the settings page after login to the Poloniex and select "Referrals" and you will directed to the following page. In this page you can find the referral code , referral link and the rewards you have earned through this program.

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The second step is to invite your friends. What you have to do is share your referral link or code with your friends. You can directly share for your personal contacts or you can use social media or email marketing strategies to find new customers. When people sign up to the Poloniex platform through your referral link or code, that customer will be recorded as a referral by you. So you will earn a 20% commission from his trading fees and at the same time he will get a 10% money back from his trading fees.


What are the Terms & Conditions ?

  • Rewards for this referral program will be paid daily in USDC.
  • The daily rewards should be larger than 0.00000001 USDC , to be paid out.
  • Both referrals and inviters will receive rewards only up to 180 days from the sign up day of the referral or until both the inviter and referral earn 5000 USDC together from commissions.
  • You can't invite already existing traders to re-sign up through your referral code. When the Poloniex platform detect this behavior you will be disqualified from this program and rewards will be canceled.
  • You can have any number of referrals. No limitations.

You can real all the Terms & Conditions of Poloniex Referral Program from here


How referral rewards are calculated ?

For the each trade completed by a referral , the fees are calculated. There are few steps in this process. First the net trading fee is calculated considering the trading fees paid by the referral and the counterparty of that trade.

Net Trading Fee = [Trading fees for trade counterparty + Trading fees for referral ]

This calculation will be processed for each trade. And after that summation of net trading fees are calculated for the referral for all the trades by the referral. So the daily payout of the inviter and the referral is depending on this value.


Final Thoughts

Poloniex : Referral Program is very creative. Both the inviter and the referral are getting rewarded. This will encourage people to bring new traders to Poloniex exchange. And the other point is , the referral reward is very high. It's a 30% of total reward from the trading fees. According to my point of view , this Referral program will be a key factor for the Poloniex's journey to the success.

Thank you.


[2]POLONIEX: Referral Program FAQ
[3]POLONIEX: Introducing our Referral Program
[4]POLONIEX: Referral Program Terms & Conditions



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He will earn 10% back from the trading fees. That's the reason why I mentioned this Poloniex Referral Program is very creative. It's benefited to both parties.

Thanks for the share, really the Referral Program is a good tools because by expanding our network we can also expand our rewards pretty cool right so this is another way for us to increase our earning potential on Poloniex.

Exactly my point ! This will attract more traders to this platform. Thanks for the valuable feedback

A total of 30% of the trading fee is being given as a referral commission and that is a really good amount to attract and those who have good marketing skills should leverage this feature to their advantage. The only thing they should consider-- if they can pay the referral commission in TRC-20 USDT instead of USDC, then it would be more cost-effective during withdrawal.


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Yes .. that will be really great. There are no much free if we are using TRC 20 blockchain and marketers will love it. Thanks for the valuable comment. Highly appreciated !

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The poloniex referral program is a great form of promoting the platform. If I am earning just for bringing someone on board, I will surely invite more people.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the valuable feedback

This is a great initiative made by poloniex, its number of users will grow enormously and the people who were already registered and invited friends will be rewarded and it is a win, the platform has increased its advertising and that will attract many people within the community of steemit.

Thank you for taking part in the Spotlight on Poloniex Contest.

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The Steemit Team

poloniex was my first exchange that i used first time to deposit my steem and sbd, and i am very much appreciated that this exchange this time working very well and thousand new trader are joining it, and one of the attraction feature of this exchange is referral program , that attract us, so you spoke true, thank you very much for giving great information about this exchange

Thank you for the valuable feedback !

welcome dear , and keep continue writing good text

Wow! I never knew about this feature on Poloniex, I would have referred most of my friends on Poloniex with my referal link to earn some cool crypto.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💓💕❤️

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Have a nice day !