How do we find a way to provide love for ourselves?

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Love is a feeling that is usually used to demonstrate it to other people, however how many people give love to themselves? perhaps very few, that is why it is necessary that we empower and activate the mechanisms to learn to provide love to ourselves.

The love we can generate for ourselves is something that crosses and breaks boundaries, it goes beyond having self-esteem. Let's think for a moment that self-esteem is that necessary bond to show a harmonic relationship with ourselves, therefore the acceptance to ourselves is important so we can get to generate a supreme degree of acceptance, in which everything we do we like, in which we can find the necessary channels to reward ourselves for all the good we achieve in our lives.

Nevertheless we will always realize that we are entrusting ourselves with so many things that we will know when we are starting to supply ourselves with love, when we do not let ourselves be taken over by insecurity and start believing in ourselves and do not put on sweepers to achieve our objectives. I believe that we are giving ourselves love, so a supreme degree of love for ourselves could be achieved also when we end up accepting ourselves as a person.

Acceptance does not imply a conformism, that conformism in which we justify our failures by what we are or by what we have decided to be, accepting ourselves implies believing that we are capable of achieving great things without the need to appear to be someone else who is above our own qualities.

Everything in our lives has a balance, and knowing how to manage our emotions transports us to the exact balance between emotions and our self-esteem, so being able to spend our energies and invest time in trying to achieve that balance has the greatest meaning, and that is to be able to give us that love we so deserve.

There are popular sayings that are never far removed from the reality we must live, if ever in our lives we have heard the following phrase:

"To love another person we have to start by loving ourselves."

Really this phrase fits a lot in that constant opportunity to provide love to ourselves, and that is born from that self-evaluation capacity of ourselves, many times we are the reflection of what we give, if we give bad things almost always it is because we provide bad things in our own lives, that is why if we want to know if we love ourselves enough simply ask those around us if they feel comfortable with what we give, in case the answer is yes it is because we are providing the necessary love to ourselves.

In the constant search of loving ourselves the best thing that can happen to us is that we do not make mistakes that lead us to our own destruction, so my recommendation is that we do not criticize ourselves, that will only worsen the relationship we have with ourselves, let us maintain confidence in ourselves, even if we make mistakes we do not distrust our capabilities.

Do not justify our actions by wanting to compare ourselves with the bad actions of others, let's seek to learn from our mistakes and turn the page to not commit them again, if we take these actions I think we would be taking excellent steps in that quest to provide love for ourselves.

Love for ourselves also implies a sense of tolerance, so it is important not to believe ourselves more than others or have those degrees of narcissism that instead of helping can make things worse.

I hope that reading this post can be pleasant for you, my friend, I hope you share your impressions in the comments. Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read.


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I am a great believer in self love, we should be able to love ourselves completely believing in ourselves and in the things we can achieve.

I think the same as you in the sense of having confidence in each other to come to love ourselves. Greetings and thank you for commenting

Hello friend, very nice your publication, I agree with you, we must give each other love above anything or anyone, the truth in my opinion we will always come first. If we are well and feel good about ourselves we can give love and joy to other people. Greetings!

That's right, first we and then we can give love to others too. Greetings and thanks for your comment.

Hello friend @carlos84, an interesting topic that you share with us in this opportunity, many people forget or forget that to radiate love towards others we must start with ourselves, excellent reflections that you share with us in relation to the topic raised. successes.

That's right, first we and then we can give love to others too. Greetings and thanks for your comment.

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