How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. Part IX: A drop of honey

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Just as a drop of honey pleases those who use it for their various interests, so should our behavior be to attract new friends and positively influence people.

If we are not like honey, we will most likely get angry at some point and try to vent our anger on someone else, and if we see it from an individualistic and selfish perspective we can vent our anger and feel relieved, but we might wonder:

What about the other person's feelings?

Most likely, the person to whom we vent all our anger will not feel as good as we do, so even if there is something to mediate for the benefit of both parties, chances are that everything will go wrong and not end up giving both parties an agreement.

By natural law, human beings have evolved to a behavior that allows them to be dominated more by their lack of knowledge than by force, which is why I can firmly assure you that no one likes to change his mind after making a radical decision.

This is one of the reasons why we must act like a drop of honey, that is to say, for no reason whatsoever should we force anyone to agree with our own ideas, what is possible to achieve is that we can lead the other person with kindness so that without realizing it, they work for our own interests.


I can conclude by telling you, that if our objective is to lead another person to fulfill our own objectives, I assure you that with scolding and threats he will not achieve it, on the contrary if he tries to bring you in like the honey attracts, then you will end up having influence on others to fulfill some specific objective.



Greetings dear Professor @carlos84

In full agreement, there is no better way to attract new friends and positively influence people than with attitudes that cloy like honey, in our case through selfless, proactive, affective, respectful, and collaborative actions. Thank you for this beautiful article.

Hello @carlos84,

There is a saying that no one learns in someone else's shirt and I believe that if we want others to adopt our work mechanisms, it is best to lead by example without imposition or mistreatment. Thank you for your contribution and for such pleasant lines of writing.

Hello @carlos84
One of the main reasons we often have problems is to talk when we are in a state of rage, it is the worst thing you can do.
The best thing is to calm down, before talking.
Actually, when you drop unpleasant words on another person, they tend to leave marks, even though they are not seen.

Hello friend, certainly we must know how to deal with people and understand that no one is to blame for what we may feel, we must learn to control our emotions and not let them control us. In life we cannot pretend that everyone thinks like us, we are all different and that is valid.

I've heard a lot about this book and also learned many things from the small part of this book. We have ability to control your emotions so don't be a slave of your desires. superb post.

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