Mythology as a door of understanding for the study of human behavior

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Can psychology find in mythology enough knowledge to group the necessary elements of structure and order for the evaluation and analysis of human behavior?

I believe that when we analyze the way in which human behavior is studied we can find the perfect harmony between the behavior expressed by the human being by nature and thus seek the way in which the human being relates to his environment.

The human being has always needed to use mythology to feel comfortable and calm with the questions that have no answers in the order of scientific demonstration, I think we have all heard some myth or legend about some natural phenomenon, and that although it is not associated in some way with the scientific demonstrations that come to the case of the mentioned natural phenomenon in the same way it is faithfully accepted in many cases by a large number of people or a part of society.

An example of mythology as an ancestral culture we can name all those ancient cultures that in one way or another always tried to explain the mysteries that contain the origin of man's existence on earth.

Everything in this life has a beginning and an end, the enigmas about the origin of man give rise to life, to that birth of each individual on earth, however not everything stays there, then comes the end of our lives, that is death, death of which so many things are spoken and said, so mythology can also play a leading role in the discovery and knowledge of the enigmas that death contains.

Historically, certain outcomes can be appreciated in which mythology can be interpreted as that important piece in which an explanatory component is manifested for the human beings of many ancient cultures to use mythology to try to explain the mysteries of existence. This explanation goes from the origin of life here on earth to the enigmatic death.

What is important in this case to make this historical follow-up to mythology is that as these mythological patterns were studied, certain psychological patterns were revealed in parallel, which have served to understand the behavior of human behavior. We can conclude in this respect that in a certain way mythology has left traces of behavior in the human being that provides an important source for the psychological study of the human being.

One way to understand this relationship is through the human being's need to find in mythology an escape route to find the solution to the inexplicable and make it simply explanatory through myths and legends, However, many of these myths and legends contain in their non-demonstrable voids a reason for fear and terror among many people who argued a credibility in these myths, so the outcome of fear and terror triggered the coldest and most internal feelings of fear that led to psychology to study and solve, for example, certain syndromes that trigger complexes and phobias.


Mythology, more than helping us to protect our demonstrative disabilities, also seeks to teach us to understand more and more that we are not alone with our doubts, stumbles and aspirations, so there will always be a horizon of possibilities beyond what our humanitarian understanding can understand.

From mythology we can come to learn that competition between brothers has existed since the beginning of time, that perfection, tricks, power and ambition cause their own forms of suffering, but that in frustrations or losses there is always light and a new promise.

The elements that we find in mythology to understand certain patterns of historical behavior in human beings makes me conclude that any historical background can provide us with elements of study to help understand more and more human behavior.


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@tipu curate

Greetings @carlos84, a great article you share with us on this occasion, it is important to highlight the following:

The human being has always needed to use mythology to feel comfortable and calm with questions that do not have answers in the order of scientific demonstration, I think we have all heard some myth or legend about some natural phenomenon.

Excellent deductions you share with us in relation to the topic raised since we can say that the mythological character is part of our existence.

Hello @carlos84
I thought I saw a post that talked about mythology in the PH community, but I understand the point, interesting approach.
In a way everything mythological is part of society, and represents in good measure the level of credulity or disbelief regarding a specific subject.
Also in a certain way all the drawings and writings that have remained from remote times, in which they raised their realities and beliefs serve us to get an idea of how life was and what they believed in antiquity

Nice article
I never knew there is this much importance attached to mythology but this was an eye opener

I was actually thinking psychology alone can help us understand human behavior more better but it seems mythology also has a great effect on the study of human behavior. I may probably do some personal research about this.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💓💕❤️

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