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RE: Quick introduction guide to STEEM communities

in Project HOPE9 months ago

Excellent approach to the new changes that have taken place, in particular I have the same philosophy as you, in the sense that every change has a sense of demand in terms of adapting the environment.

The only detail that I get to these new changes in the interface of steemit is that to enter directly to the part of followers, you must first enter the communities, then click on any of the communities, and at this point is that you can enter by clicking where it says My friends, I don't know if suddenly there is a faster way to reach the followers (my friends), but good is the only detail that I have achieved to the changes of the interface, greetings @fucho80 and in general I think that the communities thing will give a little more organization and sense to steemit in comparison to all those messy tags we were working on.


Correct @carlos84, I think this brings more organization, in my opinion it facilitates the work. With regard to the Feed (friends) it is the only way there is, apparently, just as you have not found another.

Thank you for your valuable comment.