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RE: What does Just Swap exchange going live and Just-Steem partnership mean to Steem holders?

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I checked the website of Just but I don't find appealing in the current stage. The biggest problem of Tron they don't innovate and just copy code without building additional features.


Hi @chesatochi

I understand your concern. I think JUST uses code from the MakerDao, but there are some improvements buried in the CDP pools, which spreads out risk, lowering liquidations and rewarding them for holding coins below Collateralization ratio maximum limits. I hope other improvements are coming. There is github wallet code activity, other projects are providing cold storage for wrapped coins and others providing oracles.

I think it’s a work in progress.

Do you think is worth it to make a review of it in my crypto channel on YouTube? I have installed Tronlink last week.

I made a review of Oikos that you might find interesting to check:

CC92 - Oikos DeFi Solution on Tron Ecosystem

Hi @chesatochi
I think it’s a great time for you to publish this article and I would love to review it and place pictures and links, with your permission.

I plan to make a vlog and see what is hiding behind the hood.