Why I own bitcoin !

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I'm proud because I own some bitcoin. It's the best money even created in the history. It solves a lot of problems. It's a gift to humanity. I hope we will use it the proper way to change the world for the best.

Transparency :

This is the best thing about bitcoin and any crypto based on the blockchain is that we can see how much is owned by someone and how it moves. So if anyone takes bribes or have a work that harms people we may track that and maybe even find the person. It's great that nothing is hidden !

Capitalisation :

The great thing about bitcoin is that we know how much will be mined in the future. The number is limited and no one is able to mine more after that. That for sure will lead to better value. That's why the price will always grow. I think when the full number will be mined and that will happen after a few years, the price will go really crazy. Seeing bitcoin $100k will be normal and after some time even seeing it a few millions will be ok.

Proofs :

We learned about the proof of work in bitcoin. That's the fair reward of the miner. It's written in the code. Noone is able to steel from them. They do a work and get rewarded for that and they will be paid for sure. No one have a boss to tell him/her what to do. Nothing can leave a worker without his money. That gives the confidence to people and they will always do their work perfectly.

Freedom :

In one side we see that we have the full transparency and we can see all the money staked and moved and in the other hand everyone is free to be anonymous and to change the wallet and to move the money where ever he/she wants. And we don't have to pay taxes to anyone if we need that. It's really easy to have the full control and that's the financial freedom.

Development :

Owning bitcoin or any crypto is a kind of development because we own the most modern money and we know how it works and how to use it. We should be proud that we are living in such time. The less we know about crypto now the harder it will be for us to learn in the future.

Opportunities :

And last but not least the opportunities of crypto are limitless. We can solve so many problems and help so many people to have better business and to live a better life.

That's why I own bitcoin and I love crypto world.


I am proud to own some bitcoin. It is the best money created in history. It solves a lot of problems. It is a gift to humanity. Hope we use it the right way to change the world for the better.
This phrase will make me happy like you and feel that we are on the right path

Maybe it's freedom and anonymity what I find most seductive about btc, and of course its great potential, because in a few years when you can't mine anymore It will be very coveted and surely its price will be very high.