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Good morning everyone,

This is going to be quite short post and I will try to go straight to the point. Please, do not resteem it - I will share link directly via DM with only those PH members who need to read it.

It has been over 1 month since our community started building partnership with group of South Korean developers. We've promoted their tool quite well. They have received enormous amount of feedback and our team prepared and published almost 30 well written reviews during month of July.

That was a good start and it seem that both parties are quite happy to continue this collaboration.



My goal is to tighten our partnership. In return for our support, they joined our curation trail with account having around 90k SP / HP and I want them to continue supporting content created by our authors.

I would like to focus on building brand around their product. And it simply means, that I would like SteemScan banner to be displayed as often as possible - so those who are familiar with this tool would memorize it even better.
(plus it does build some trust towards software, if we see our favourite content creators promoting it)

And I'm hoping that most of you will join my efforts. Initially I would like us all to place banner with some short description at the end of our publications (Especially those posted within PH community).

Timeframe: initially we would carry on with this initiative till end of september (6 weeks only).



It is important to underline, that I would only ask you to promote on Steemit. Let's not use that banner on our posts on HIVE - to avoid provoking anyone to downvote our publications.



You may copy+paste this banner and description (or you may come up with your own description if you prefer). My suggestion is to ensure, that banner is click-able and would redirect those who click on it to final SteemScan convert page.


Visit our partner if you're looking for easy and fast way of converting STEEM to other major cryptocurrencies.



Great initiative @coach.piotr I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you for sharing.

Good to know. I believe more collaboration and partnership will keep coming up as time goes on. I was wondering why it can't last for like 10 weeks instead of 6 weeks. Though it is great to hear about it.

And I also believe many will keep to that caution of not uploading the banner on hive as that might not how well

this is nice idea and I will be doing it on my steem posts from now on wards.

 2 months ago 

@tipu curate 4

It's such a great idea , i will definitely use it.

 2 months ago 

Glad to hear that @monz122 :)

My pleasure sir


Hey, buddy, great idea, I'll use it. I'm very happy because the project is progressing more and more every day.

 2 months ago 

Ready friend. I'm already using it in my posts. I am going to launch a new publication again so that users know how to use that tool.

Hello dear Piotr.

You can count on me to use this banner in my steemit publications. Greetings friend

I think it is excellent that every day the community becomes stronger, there is no problem in using it, the idea is to collaborate in what I can.

I've already written a review on SteemScan showing my very nice experience .
I tested this tool and It worked like a charm !
I can bravely say it is the BEST conversion tool I've ever seen.
Certainly, You can count on me to use this banner in my future steemit publications.
Thank you for this initiative.

Great news buddy ,a few days ago I used steamscan to change some steem for some TRX, I really liked the platform.

It is good to know that our community is getting bigger and better deals all the time more growth and using the banner in our post is good too.

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