My personal nomination for "Steemit awards 2020". If you expect me to nominate Project.hope then you may be surprissed ....

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This post is my response to "The Steemit Awards 2020" initiative organized by @steemitblog. Link here.

Below are my personal nominations in 3 categories:

  • Best Community
  • Best Contributor to the Community
  • Best Author

Best Community: World of Xpilar


As much as I would like to nominate Project.hope community, I think that it's only fair to give that nomination to "World of Xpilar" founded by my dear friend @xpilar.

I've known this user since my early stage on Steemit and I will always remember him as one of the most supportive people I came across here. The effort he put into building "World of Xpilar" resulted in a very strong and dynamic community, which is growing at a steady pace.

If I would have to choose one community, which deserves the extra support then WoX would be the one I would pick.

Best Contributor to the Community: @Xpilar


Not only has Xpilar been working hard to grow the community around him, but he also found time and resources to support the growth of other communities.

I don't think it would be overstatement if I were to say that without him, Project.hope would not be where we are today. He was the first "whale" who supported our growth and never asked for anything in return.

My nomination fully goes to him.

Best Author: @Achim03


We all have our own personal favourite authors and I found it quite challenging to pick one. After careful consideration however, I decided to nominate @achim03 as someone I consider to be one of the best and most interesting authors out there.

His content is very specific and often related to technology, SEO optimization as well as business and economy, and those are definitely topics which I found fascinating.

It's important to take notice at each of his posts as it's often very engaging and we're also able to witness interesting discussions between @achim03 and readers.




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Thanks for the nomination and the good mention of World of Xpilar.

Hi @cryto.piotr, excellent nominations. The good mention of World of Xpilar.

Hi @cryto.piotr
Excellent nominations, I support you in your suggestions.
Thank you very much @crypto.piotr, for your great work at Steemit.

Still finding my way a bit here. But your nomination for sure motivates me to check out both @xpilar and World of XPilar.

if you nominate these people it is because they deserve to win without any doubt, my support is for the nominees in this post, the world of xpilar community deserves it

I was really curious to see the nominations of someone who could win this contest. You made some good nominations. Thanks @crypto.piotr for all the work done here on STEEMIT

 2 months ago 

Thanks for always being so kind in your comments @stefano.massari

hmm... surprising, and selfless of you @crypto.piotr . I find you....."interesting". Just the kind of man you'd expect to lead something as great as this..keep up the good work

 2 months ago 

BIG THX for your encouraging and kind comment @doppley

Well deserving one you have pick here
And truth be told, xpillar community is one of the community that is doing extremely great job on the steemit platform and so I fully believe they deserve your nomination.

Great nominations and I very much agree with who you suggest.I am very happy that @achim03 be nominated and appreciated as a great contributor to the community.

 2 months ago 

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Hi friend @crypto.piotr I agree with you, the @xpilar community is great and he deserves all our support! :)

 2 months ago 

I'm very honoured to get your nomination my friend :-). Thanks a lot !

Hello @crypto.piotr
It's actually a very good choice.
Those of us who make life in steemit, have necessarily had contact with @xpilar who offers its art for the inspiration of many, and not only that, but also supports with votes those who write from their images.

Worldofxpilar is an example of the perseverance of a strong user who has managed to create a great team that maintains this community 100%.

@achim03 is one of the great ones, without a doubt, their articles are very good and provide great points of discussion and also important information.

They are very good proposals friend @crypto.piotr. The community of World of Xpilar is very dynamic, full of contests and very varied and interesting initiatives, I have participated in some of them, the drawing ones recently.

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@xpilar really deserve such nomination it happens to be one of my first community when I joined steemit they are actually doing great.
Nice work @crypto.piotr

This is beautiful, it is lovely to see the good in other people and you have earned more respect from me with this nomination.

Thanks for good mention of World of Xpilar.

You are awesome man, you've not made any reference to both you ans your community.

This is real justice man! 👍

Nice nomination by @crypto.piotr 💪😊

Greetings friend @cripto.piotr

Really great nominations from you, really a great step from a good leader like you.

The community of @xpilar does a great job in the community. Greetings.

Great nominations
I support your suggestion for the best author. It was my suggestion too ;)

Greetings my dear friend, it is an excellent gesture on your part, to nominate who has always helped you from the beginning, just like project.hope, is an excellent community and on the other hand we agree in the election of achim03 is an excellent user with excellent content.

See you later brother, have a great weekend !

I definitely agree with your nomination as xpilar and the world of xpilar is very good community and working hard to build the chain and the community.

Dear @crypto.piotr
I second both the nomination for community as well as author
Great choice