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RE: OUR 5 PLANS FOR 2020 - how do we plan to bring value to STEEM blockchain

in Project HOPElast year

Dear @taverngames

I'm glad that our paths crossed lately. We seem to share similar values and passions. It may not be clear to me yet to what extend @project.hope (and our team) could support growth of your own project. But I clearly see some opportunities ahead.

I also think that it's a right time to get busy with building games on top of blockchain. Steem in particular. It's quite hot market - with no competition and generally with huge interests. Let's face it - basic games build on blockchain will have it much easier comparing to any other gaming market.

I will gladly share link to your post with others from our team.

Resteemed and upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr


Cheers @crypto.piotr! We are also looking forward to working with you and @project.hope

Together, we'll make STEEM big :)

I know your energy to push projects through. Hope to become an active player in your @project.hope

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