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RE: My own 2 cents about HF23 and PUBLIC WITNESS VOTING

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Dear @culgin

The nice thing about posting on Hive is that the content is technically recorded on the blockchain and even though it can potentially be downvoted or hidden from the interface, it is still there with multiple copies stored in a somewhat distributed manner.

Does it really matter? At all? I wonder.

Even now content discovery is very difficult. And knowing that some content (even hidden / downvoted) is still somewhere out there - recorded on blockchain - it doesn't help a bit in my opinion. What's the advantage of having content stored somewhere, knowing that pretty much noone ever will find it.

For regular human being - it will make no difference if something is stored in decentralized database or not. What matters is only: can this be displayed or not.

Yours, Piotr


What matters is only: can this be displayed or not.

If it can be found somewhere, it can be technically displayed. If it is not even stored, how can it be ever displayed?

 9 months ago 

hi @culgin

Indeed. it can be "technically" displayed. However content discovery will be dropped to zero. From content consumer point of view of it hardly matters if something is on blockchain or it's stored on centralized database, which could be accessed with SQL or some other advanced tools.