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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

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Dear members


I would appreciate each one of you read this publication carefully. I really hope you won't mind investing few minutes. It's important topic.

Few guys within our community plagiarized lately and it brought some unwanted attention to PH. So I would need to ensure that we're all working together towards same goal. And this goal is to ensure that all our content is OURS.

Unique and original.

Yours, Piotr


Quick question since I am still learning. I own 3 websites which I occasionally pass/or edit content from them onto here. Am I good on the plagiarism thing? - as long as I state that I own said websites? Thanks.

 2 months ago 

based on my knowledge, not at all @openmindedtravel - after all you're the owner of created content

I feel very strongly about this topic a community is only as good as its members so one needs to be extra careful about maintaining originality of our content.
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Plagiarism is a widespread evil. We must stop it as far as possible. However, care should be taken while declaring something plagiarism as some topics have definite set of language, sentence structure and phrases, otherwise some genuine content may be declared as plagiarism. The concerned person should be given a chance to represent before taking any action against him/her.

@crypto.piotr. plagiarism is bad and should be avoided. It takes resources to create content. Stealing it is bad too, which is what plagiarism is. Hope the perpetrators should desist from such acts.

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