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RE: VERY CONCERNING NEWS: What does new BAN ON CRYPTO means for Nigerian users?

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Hi @ramsesuchiha

Coffee? Blah. i've tried few times and I never liked it.

the most important thing is how they are going to apply it

Based on my understanding, they will close bank accounts of those people who are converting crypto to FIAT (or the other way around). Apparently this is what's happening and I already know few Nigerians who cannot access (cash out) their STEEM.

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Well, this situation is very bad, how does the government know where the money comes from? I suppose they will have their means, I hope the government retracts this decision, it seems stupid to me, but that's how governments make stupid decisions

 4 months ago 

Hi @crypto.piotr
Wow. That comment would be terrible if it happened in Venezuela, many Venezuelans would have a very bad time-

I am very sorry about this terrible situation in Nigeria, I honestly do not want to be in the shoes of my Nigerian friends.

But I am sure that the popular economy will seek a way to overcome these restrictions.