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RE: It is always a good day to talk about sports and finances

in Project HOPE3 months ago

Interesting choice of topic @lebey1

creating a post each day on this platform and hoping that at least one person gets to make a comment could be stressful.

Problem is simple: creating post every day is a mistake. It's putting people off. If I see someone doing it, I consider him usually to be a spammer and I know that many others see it the same way.

After all, Steemit is not like Twitter. To create quality post - it takes time. To do it every day = always low quality. And who would like to invest time in reading something of low quality?

No disrespect, but even this particular post does look like it took you less than 5 minutes to write it.

Enjoy your weekend (for many it's a special time, for others weekend like every other one :)
Cheers, Piotr