STEEMIT AWARDS 2020 results are available. And it's hard not to feel fooled and dissapointed ...

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Several days ago @steemitblog published another interesting contest, where Steemit users were allowed to nominate and then vote for their favorite author, best community and best community contributor.

Their publication gathered over a thousand comments already. Such huge activity only proves to me that Steemit is far from being a "dead space" as some people seem to claim. In my opinion, people working for STINC are currently doing an amazing job supporting the growth of many different communities, by supporting community leaders and country representatives.

This post is not to praise STINC and their work but to thank everyone who participated and nominated/voted for me as "best community contributor". So many @project.hope members took their time to show their support, for which I'm absolutely grateful..

WHY DID PROJECT.HOPE pull out from the contest?


I received a few questions asking me why Project.hope obviously pulled out from this contest and I've realized that for some PH members it is still unclear as to why we made such a decision.

I've discussed this topic with several core team members and I shared my concerns, that STINC would expect our community to be loyal towards Steemit only. Which is against our policy to be neutral within the conflict between STEEM and HIVE. After all, PH is supporting a large user base on both chains and we intend to continue doing so.



We came to the conclusion that pulling out and encouraging our members to vote on "World of Xpilar" as the best community would be our next move. @xpilar is one of our major allies and he has been supporting the growth of our community ever since the very beginning (mostly by following our curation trail with all accounts under his management).

We're hoping that this gesture will only strengthen our relationship with him and his community.

MISCALCULATED results and small disappointment


According to recently published results, supported by us "World of Xpilar" community was not selected as the best community. They gathered around 190 votes (out of which, around 60 came from our PH members) which is so much more than some other winners.

Just as a small comparison: I only calculated less than 30 votes on "Steem Sri Lanka" and yet, they apparently did better than World of Xpilar.

I've also calculated votes of those who supported our PH community member @josevas217 as best author. I've lost count after 100 votes. And yet, he was not selected as one of winners. Instead other authors who didn't even reach half of his support won. Strange.

The only explanation so far I received says:

"The Steemit Team will then take on board these votes as part of their final selection of the five winners for each category."

I'm not sure what does it mean. Personally, I see it as a way to explain that our votes do not really matter.

Best Community Leader


I also have been hardly selected as 5th "Best Contributor to the Community", which is also quite disappointing. Our common friend @adeljose calculated those votes and according to his comment results are very different from official ones.

I still think, that people behind Steemitblog are putting a huge amount of time and effort into their work and generally they are doing a great job. However, situations like the current one should not be repeating.

That is surely quite discouraging.



Thumbs up to everyone who participated in this contest and supported our community.

Regardless of those little disappointments, I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate @cryptokannon, @alikoc07, @girolamomarotta , @xpilar , @sapwood , @randulakoralage, @anroja , @rishabh99946 and @stef1.

I took the time to make a list and see which PH members participated in this contest and I would like to thank all of you. This list will be quite long, but I would like to mention the names of all those who showed their support. BIG THANKS:

@abuahmad, @achim03, @adesojisouljay, @adityajainxds, @ajewa, @alexbalan, @alokkumar121, @amestyj, @angelica7, @awah, @belemo,
@besticofinder, @carapthian, @carlos84, @chesatochi, @chimzycash, @churchangel, @cyberspacegod, @davidke20, @deathcross,
@elgranpoeta, @eliorrios, @emiliomoron, @fijimermaid, @foxicoreviews, @franyeligonzalez, @fucho80, @gifxlove, @great-a, @hardaeborla,
@jadams2k18, @janettyanez, @jawad101, @joelagbo, @johnkuzzy, @josevas217, @juanmolina, @karamyog, @knowledgefruit, @lanzjoseg,
@lavanyalakshman, @levycore, @lfgiaa, @lighteye, @luckyali, @lupafilotaxia, @machnbirdsparo, @madridbg, @majes.tytyty,
@mandate, @marchrain, @mccoy02, @memes777, @menoski, @mintymile, @mllg, @mtl1979, @munawar1235, @oredebby, @pablo1601, @papa-mensa,
@qsyal, @ramsesuchiha, @rbalzan79, @reeta0119, @reinaldoverdu, @resiliencia, @ritxi, @sacra97, @samminator, @sandracarrascal,
@tcpaikano, @tfame3865, @thetimetravelerz, @tocho2, @tolustx, @tomoyan, @trabajosdelsiglo, @unbiasedwriter, @uyobong, @valchiz,
@videoaddiction, @wiseagent, @yusvelasquez, @whatageek, @sumit71428

Yours, Piotr
@project.hope founder


Honestly though... @crypto.piotr
The BEST Community is the "Japan Community" 😂😂😂
AND I am the BEST contributor!!!
Just kidding.
But anyway, I just wanted say that PH is the best for me. And YOU are the best for me as a leader and contributor. So thats what matters to me.
Everything else, I just aim high, but expect nothing. It is healthy that way.

 3 months ago 

I think I'm blushing now @tomoyan :) stop it! :D

Lol 😂😂😂

Greetings my friend @crypto.piotr

It is surprising how an excellent event can be tainted in this way, it is unfortunate that the @steemitblog team has resorted to their preference list to select the winners, I think it would have been better if they just gave the votes leaving a message of thanks for their commitment and work during 2020 and not disrespect the users who participated in the voting.

I hope this attitude improves, likewise, we must continue working with ethics, morals and commitment on the platform.

Thank you for your good work.

only one word "Disappointed"

 3 months ago 

Unfortunatelly you're very right @sultan-aceh

ps. thank you for resteeming and your supportive words.

Yours, Piotr

Hello friend, it is more than evident that the results were manipulated, I also did not agree from the beginning with those results, it was more than evident that those were not the real winners. Thanks to our friend @adeljose now we know what is the real reality.

Greetings and thank you for sharing your opinion on this matter.

Hi friend @crypto.piotr
It's really a bit strange all this, taking the Steemit community to vote and then doing what they thought best.
It's a mockery really, but, in the end I don't think much can be done.
They'll just keep doing what they think is best, and that's it.

I agree with the reason for which you pulled out of the contest. PH has alway retained neutral and I am glad that you maintained the stand. As for the disappointments, I am really shocked myself reading this. Can this be said to be fair? I don’t think so.

You are a big start in this blockchain and a big contributor right from when I met you. You've teamed up to get a community called project hope which you have been managing very well. I'm am not surprised if you came out atop among every other nominee who also deserved it. Despite the questionable results, I sincerely congratulate you for being among the top 5. Weldone and keep promoting this platform.

Based on what I've gathered from your post, the final verdict lies on the board. The decide who would be the winner upon comparing the votes of the members as well. Their decision is best known to them.

I'm impressed with your point of view
Hope other users read through.

I was expecting more transparency with steemit team but unfortunately, it did not happen. I am ok with any result if proper transparency is shared and I don't see any reason for hiding the facts etc. I hope this will not repeat and if steemit team wants to declare winners by themselves then there is no need to go for voting round. Just declare the winners and that's is it.

The proof's in the pudding. No award can replace or compare to committed teamwork within a community that as a result is thriving and vibrant.

Hello @cryto.piotr
I really did not expect this.
Very disappointed! again...

Hello friend, I believe that this event will strengthen us, no one will stop us to achieve our goals as a community, even if we did not win because there were no transparent results, the important thing is the unity among us to continue the proposed objectives, greetings and you know that you have my support.

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr. It is unfortunate that situations like this arise, precisely because of the large number of comments generated by the contest. I also congratulate you because we know that you were a great contributor on this platform, we value your great work.

 3 months ago 

These results were disappointing.

So far, STINC's efforts to grow communities have been excellent, in my opinion.

With the delegations of the curation accounts (@steemcurator03, 04, 05, 06 ...) many communities were being helped in a way never before seen on Steemit.

But today we come across these results that do not reflect the true opinion of users. Disappointment!

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hello @crypto.piotr. , Thanks for this post. i think instead of doing these all things, they must declare winners directly. sharing completely false result is not acceptable.

Expecting improvement in their behaviour

Disappointed ............

I hope the results don't deter Project Hope!

Steemit should continue to do what they think best for the communities they've subsidized to grow.

Much ado about nothing IMO. There still isn't a roadmap.

Let's not be too hard on Steemit. Last year was their first time taking a shower. This year maybe we can convince them to brush their teeth.

I just hope the team involved in the voting contest will be fair in their decision because what I'm actually reading here seems to be really disappointing.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕💓

Greetings my friend @crypto.piotr

It is surprising how an excellent event can be tainted in this way, it is unfortunate that the @steemitblog team has resorted to their preference list to select the winners, I think it would have been better if they just gave the votes leaving a message of thanks for their commitment and work during 2020 and not disrespect the users who participated in the voting.

I hope this attitude improves, likewise, we must continue working with ethics, morals and commitment on the platform.

Thank you for your good work.

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 3 months ago 

Thank you for your supportive comment.

Great pa contest

Since the winners are not based strictly on "one person one vote;" I'm curious how @steemitblog is weighing the voting metrics to determine winners.

All the best.

Thanks for taking much time to articulate you article and suggestions toward the just concluded award contest all I can say for now is big congratulations to the winners.

We hoping for the best next time.

About how steemit community did the counting I couldn't gather much fact about the counting.

I wish steemit team can explain how they did their final verdict for selecting the winners maybe It was base on merit from the board choosing the winners, although just stating my thoughts.

The history of my life is marked by the theft of elections, now here too, when I saw those results I felt robbed, in short, life continues, no one can erase the beautiful work that PH and world of xpilar have done for so many people, from the heaven god bless you

Hi @crypto.piotr friend, this is "the game of life", good reasons will not always be heard, and in my country we say that "losing is also won".

The most important thing is to maintain our north, our values and moral principles despite any circumstance.

See you soon..!

Operating in blockchain means doing these things better.

wow, the results surprise me, personally I thought that the "WORLD OF XPILAR" community after the support of "project.hope" would win, I don't understand the reason of the results in my opinion the creators of the contest should value more the participants, the incoherent results only detract credibility to the creators of the contest.

It's really disappointing to see that votes were counted in such an unfair and fuzzy way

Hopefully @steemitblog will add little bit more transparency to their work

Once upon a time, there was a blockchain solution (dApp) on Steem to make polls with a transparent and immutable voting process... Maybe somebody should make a new one.

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