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RE: Community of the Week Challenge entry for PROJECT.HOPE Community

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Since I've found @crypto.piotr over here, I am trying to follow him as much as possible, considering his job as a great fusion of motivation, education and charity. From his articles and publications related with @project.hope & @help.venezuela I've got a wider knowledge about current situation in Venezuela, which, in my opinion, isn't highlighted in the mainstream medias as much as it suppose to be. Supporting creative, intelligent and open-minded Venezuelans through Steemit is a great initiative and I haven't seen any similar group on this blockchain yet.

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I only realized a moment ago that I never thanked you for this awesome and supportive comment :))

Hi @cubapl,
Thank you very much for your comment. You are right to point out that the situation in Venezuela is not really on the radar of the world news. The life conditions in this country are undignified. Not only do people have to fight for their survival but also against the oppression and corruption of the leaders.

I believe that through steem we can help people in a direct way to make their lives a little bit better.