Reading readiness skills and activities

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The goal of any beginning reading programme is to successfully teach kids how to read, in this post you will look at the kid as they enter primary one through you eye as a reading coach,you will task yourself a number of questions, are these children ready to start the task of learning how to read? How do i know they are ready? How can i help prepare them if there not ready? This post meant to aid you in answering these questions.


Imagine you are a parent living in a rural area , you have a strong five year old daughter whose task is to fetch water from the stream about a half kilometre from your home, every at 6am, she carries a plastic bucket along the path to the stream where other boys and girls are also fetching water for their parents.

You did not sent her to fetch water when she was three years old because she was not old enough to go, she was not ready for the task, she was not strong enough to carry a bucket filled with water or able to know her way to the stream, she was too young then to understand she must wait her turn if many other have arrive before her at the stream.

Just as you as a parent must decide when your child is ready any task at home, so you as a reading coach must determine when you student is ready to try any new learning task, in the example above, you as a parent observed the physical strength and social maturity of your child before assigning the water fetching task to her, as a teacher, you will also use different ways of observing to tell you when pupil are ready to learn how to read.

You will first of all need to define the task of reading and then you will consider which abilities, qualities,or experiences are necessary for the pupil to be successful at learning the task of reading.

Reading is the interaction between the reader's resources and text data. The readers resources are his world knowledge or his knowledge about is culture, his family, community, their economic and social activities and his language.

The text data are the objectives properties of the printed words such as the number of common or essay word or the length of the sentences, how sentence are linked together, how they are organized in a book or essay.

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