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RE: The importance of controlling our emotions

in Project HOPE3 months ago

As always, really good writing and content @josevas217 - I applaud the fact that you are talking about really important matters, eventhough it is not as trandy as "Crypto, Covid, infflation, etc. etc.) It would be really good, in my opinion, that you add a site where people can take a quick course or at least a decent youtube video, with emotion controll techniques, in order to improve their EQ/ EI. Firther more, the importance of what you wrote, leads me to suggest your readers, to try and do some tests (personality mainly) like Myer Briggs, since I am certain that a better knowledge of oneselve is criticall to udnerstanding our tickers and how to control emotions. Great article again!!


Hello @davidgutre
Thank you very much for your kind comment. I must say that I am focused on breathing, I think this is crucial for emotional control,knowing our body, learning, while breathing, to identify those points that cause us discomfort or psychological and emotional comfort, is very important, as it is what allows us to learn to recognize those moments in which we could "explode" and fall ....
Thank you for the suggestions.

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