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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

in Project HOPE5 months ago

No problem with that. I'm all support for original. Quoting technical explanation is acceptable though, but subject to administrator manual curation and approval. Just like university thesis, can you quote more than 25% external material? I guess not. May be we can set a guide lines and tolerance? 50% of reference material is allowable?

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I totally made that up, the above statement.


LOLed. Like 50% of them are spinned material

 5 months ago 

In this example that you have exposed, we can see coincidence of words in random form. But when there is plagiarism, these words are located in the same sequence.
Certain authors have practiced "spinning" where they change the location of words trying to hide plagiarism, but that is also detectable on some scale.

Hey buddy. Thanks for quick reply. Which is why I'm saying, if we can have a set of rules of up to certain percentage of quoting material. Regardless how close one can get, as you mentioned in your comment, the word I used will be different. And your last sentence, detectable on some scale(how far?)

Merely saying, if we can have a scale for that, it's actually easier for people to follow the "rules". I will make a post on this topic. Cheers buddy 💪

 5 months ago 

Hi dear friend.

I think your idea of setting a percentage of quotes is great.

And your last sentence, detectable on some scale (how far?)

What I meant to say is that detecting spinning is much more difficult.

Thanks for replying Juan. Spinning is hard to detect, but the percentage of quoted text will tell you a rough idea of how far the article being spinned. Anything above 50% is very suspicious.

 5 months ago 

You´re right.
I would consider a max of 20% -25%

Depending on the nature of the article being spun/written. Scientific write up can be very much similar and often times when an article will have up to 75% of similarity. However, the word will not follow, the depth of the knowledge will be different.

These are some of the useful plagiarize checker for your perusal. I rely on them alot previously when I was still in the #esteem team.

 5 months ago 

It would be very interesting to implement the use of this type of verifier in our anti-plagiarism unit. Thanks for sharing.

As you have said, determining plagiarism can often be difficult. Except for vulgar plagiarism of those who make a full copy / paste (including images) of the article.

The nature of the article also influences the percentage of use of quotes.

Maybe you know any content verifier based on AI? I would consider it to be of a high level of reliability.

Sorry for late reply Juan. We have a set of algorithm to detect plagiarism, however nothing can be perfect. AI itself is AI because it's artificial, it need human to feed in the data so it can process. But when an AI can do it's own determination without human input, Houston we have a problem.

Can you imagine when a script can automatically scan for articles on the internet,

Automatically download pictures with the similar tag category from the internet, crop the pictures, apply shades and tilt the picture a little so the source code arrangement of the picture will also change arrangement

Automatically arrange the wordings like grammar checker, to make sure the meaning remains but the word being used become different.

And finally, automatically make a post with all the rearranged text, newly photoshopped photo, run a set of tags and posted in the frontend.

All these can be done automatically. So, imagine if you have an AI plagiarize checker, the next thing is someone use the AI checker algorithm reverse it, and you have an AI plagiariser automatically post spinned article everywhere everyday🤣

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