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RE: BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIES - what would be your explanation? [question from my recent interview]

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Greetings dear friend @crypto.piotr ... Obviously, if the person does not have any kind of knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it would be useless to pretend to speak with a lot of technical language on this matter ... I think it is necessary to make comparisons or examples with facts from everyday life that are common to anyone ... For example: Talk about how a Bank works, and make comparisons of how the Blockchain works ... Make comparisons with a public or private accounting book ... Explain the benefits of that in the blockchain the registered data cannot be manipulated, etc ... As the examples are raised and new questions are most likely generated, this topic usually covers much more than 5 minutes, and more if we capture the attention and interest of the person...

 5 months ago 

Thanks for another great comment @elgranpoeta

Do you use Discord by any chance? I've noticed that you're from Venezuela.

Consider joining our PH discord server whenever you have a moment. You will learn that many of our members are also Venezuelans:


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