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Hello friends of Projec Hope, the topic I'm going to talk about today has to do with the design of posters, fliers, banners, images and everything related to the advertising of a product or brand from those essential elements that our advertisements must contain when they are made to be used in social networks.

Source: Designs courtesy of OPUS Publicidad y Medios for Pasapalos San Román owned by @emimoron

How many times have we seen an advertisement posted on Instagram or Facebook, to mention some of the most popular social networks, and immediately the question comes to mind: what was the person who designed it thinking? Either because we find it unpleasant or because we simply don't understand the concept or set of ideas that they want to convey. Remembering that just as there are bad designs, there are some very good ones that leave us very impressed. But have we stopped to study what are those elements or aspects that make our advertising a success on the networks? Well, surely you have done it and as it happened to me, maybe it has been achieved with long, complicated and tedious explanations which today I am going to summarize, firstly from my search for information and then because those principles are the ones I apply in my advertising designs.

1.- Selection of the colour palette according to the sensations you want to inspire and the ideas you want to evoke in the public. Nowadays it is very common to use dark tones, specifically black, in advertising but unless you are promoting a funeral parlour please do not abuse this colour, remember that the eye needs different tones to fix concepts through images and if we work on black and greyscales we will tire our receiver and in many cases create repulsion. Most of the users of the networks are young people, who were born in the age of colour and brightness if you want to catch them you must be as colourful and stylish as possible. I insist always on balance, make use of the colour scales that tell them which tones match each other.

Source: Designs courtesy of OPUS Publicidad y Medios for Pasapalos San Román owned by @emimoron

2.- Do not overuse written text, try to be as precise as possible, indicate in a few words what you are advertising, the more text the less space you have for images and details that refresh the eye and make our advertisements eye-catching. Network advertising is not a newspaper, it is a short and easy to grasp message. For more information you can read my article about the choice of words in marketing.

3.- Quality of the images selected, on many occasions I have seen flayers on the networks with images that show the watermark or protection of the author, that do not have a good resolution and are pixelated or simply that have nothing to do with the advertising concept that we are handling. Unless you are an expert in unusual advertising, do not risk using an image that could kill your product before it goes to market.

Source: Designs courtesy of OPUS Publicidad y Medios for Pasapalos San Román owned by @emimoron

4-. Aesthetics of the design, Aesthetics of the design: This finds its raison for being in the balance between the colour of the background in the banner and the different images that compose it as well as the text. Everything must give the sensation of beauty, elegance, dynamism and balance so that it is striking and pleasing to the public.

5.- Size of the banner or format in which we are working, if you design either in power point, publischer or any other editing program you must consider the dimensions of the design to be used in the networks, because if not you will have to cut the image when you are going to upload it to the networks with which you will be losing quality and surely information.

Source: Designs courtesy of OPUS Publicidad y Medios for Pasapalos San Román owned by @emimoron

6.- Interactivity this issue in advertising networks is extremely important and we can not let it pass, in our advertising we must include social networks where customers can locate the products and services offered and even if possible enable the comments below advertising this attracts and allows the customer to establish a connection with your product or service.

A good advertising design for the networks should be explained in a few words with good images, excellent colouring and respect for our customers. I hope you have found these brief tips useful.



Hello friend, just in these days I was working with someone on the design of my logo, it is not that simple, there are many things that we must take into account, this post helps me a lot, thank you

Hello friend, an excellent publication, I think they are good tips, sometimes it may seem very easy but the truth is that making a good advertising has its details and requires a great knowledge. There are many things that can damage an image so we must educate ourselves about it. Greetings.

Thank you very much my friend, advertising is not easy and that's why I like to share some tips that can be very useful. That's what this community is all about, to support each other.

Greetings @emimoron,

No doubt your tips are very important when starting to design any advertising work, it reminds me of my professional practice classes when we were forced to use appropriate colors for our presentations as a teacher, so as not to cause distraction on our students. Great contribution and we will keep reading

The use of colours is fundamental, I am also a teacher and this is really one of the elements that is most emphasised when we are going to make our presentations. But in advertising a bad choice of colours can be a disaster that costs money. Thanks for reading my post

Hi @emimoron

Excellent tips, the combination of your knowledge and experience allow you to explain them in a masterful way.
Thank you for sharing.
Happy Weekend!

Very grateful for your comment thank you very much, for me it is a pleasure to share because initially I did not know anything about advertising in terms of design until I started in this world and well those are details that you learn. Thanks for reading me

One mistake most ads make is over using written text, they are so much that they distract the audience from the main purpose of the ad. Nice piece

Thank you very much and yes, I totally agree, sometimes the essence of the message is lost due to the excessive use of written text that does not even allow us to appreciate the images. Thank you for commenting