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Has it ever happened to you that you arrive at a new job and you come up with many ideas to try to improve the space, event or even the work environment? And when you share that idea you receive comments like:

- We've already tried that, and nobody listens to you?

-Don't waste your time on it ?

-You're gonna get tired of proposing ?



Well, surely if they have gone through some similar situation the spirits will go down immediately, and then we don't know whether to join the group and be part of that discouragement, or fight to reverse that situation.

This is just to give an example of what I want to achieve, based mainly on the work environment, sometimes we let ourselves be infected with unproductive energies, such is the case of losing interest in standing out or fulfilling our occupational goals, since everyone says that's a waste of time.



Faced with these situations I want to emphasize that there is a syndrome called **Learned Hopelessness**, which is nothing more than feeling unable to do anything more in the face of a certain scenario, and therefore having passive attitudes to the point of feeling incapable of deserving a positive change in the face of what has been happening over time.

What causes this syndrome?

What we could describe as causing or triggering it is the repetition of some negative response to an event which naturally expects the best, people usually feel tired to continue something that so far has not given them results, and come to not feel worthy of what they have sought.

It has a close relationship with depression as it is a conduit to reach it, directly affects self-esteem and results in high levels of anxiety, passivity and lack of motivation.



So, what to do if we realize that we have been experiencing something similar?

Becoming aware, realizing that the experience of another should not be the same as mine, will limit the possibilities of lowering my spirits.

Look for alternatives, if this is happening to us and we are about to give up, it would be a good idea to analyze the situation in detail and look for options. It would be great to ask ourselves, what have I been repeating, that the same thing is happening to me?

Say STOP to your mind, wanting to quit is loaded with negative thoughts, and even if there is already a previous experience, it doesn't mean that it is the final verdict.

Learn once again, learned hopelessness is a "learned behavior" so we can unlearn and learn new things, such as not to give up and generate tools for survival and try to infect others with hope and action.

I tell you that in my personal experience I have been able to put it into practice, and although I don't achieve it overnight, I have achieved small results that apart from motivating me, infect the group and make the desire to move forward progressive.

Thanks for reading me, something similar has happened to you?


Hello friend, an excellent subject, the truth I did not know that it was called that way, but particularly it has happened to me, I believe that sometimes we give too much importance to the outside and we forget the interior, what we really feel and of what we are capable. We give the power to others to influence our decisions and even worse our state of mind.

As you say it is not easy but it is not impossible either, if it can be changed and improved.

That's right, and when you make a habit of it, then you enjoy doing it consciously... ha ha