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RE: Covid-19 and violence against women.

Hello friend, I currently live in Argentina, in a small town, and the cases of femicide have been quite relevant. Although it seems incredible with this amount of movement to stop the violence, there are more and more events that have occurred.
I had the experience with a neighbor, the first month of confinement, was quite bearable, however as the days passed one night I went through one of the worst scenarios (from outside) my neighbor's husband was beating her. I was very afraid and for two seconds I covered my ears to not hear, I was very nervous. After a few seconds this came to my mind: "If you don't report it, you are an accomplice" and shaking I called the police to report the case. In 5 minutes they arrived, they were able to help, I felt calm in giving that contribution to those who need it.

I highlight the following, in Venezuela I worked with abused women, and as a psychologist I realized that it is a pattern that goes from generation to generation and breaking with that is the difficult thing. As you describe it, the struggle is to become aware of what we deserve as women and human beings. Working constantly with values to reinforce self-esteem and security would be the key to this work.

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