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According to Investopedia

Finance is a term for matters regarding the management, creation, and study of money and investments. Finance can be broadly divided into three categories, public finance, corporate finance, and personal finance. Basically, finance represents money management and the process of acquiring needed funds.

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Finance means the managing of fund including borrow, lend, invest, saving, budget and forecast. Whether it's family concern or personal expense concern money management is a core task of the family owner. If you think with a broader sense about a country it's obviously some financial team or finance ministry is working on money management. Whether it is on personal finance or public finance, it’s all about the money management.

We have sometimes shortage of fund and sometimes excess of fund. So, in this context we need to borrow or lend. But there are a lot of issues are related to this borrowing and lending. With very simple term we can include some factors like time institutions risk medium etc. So before going for landing, investment, borrowing ultimately financing, we need to consider a lot of factors. These things are the matter of discussion in formal financial study. But i think in case of personal finance most of the things are not being analyzed by person.

My perspective:

I am the manager or in other words the financial manager of my family. So, I need to think about the finance. I personally maintained excel sheet in the context of several incomes and expenditure. I maintain those sheets so that I can easily have a picture of what's going on in my personal finance. I am sharing here couple of excel sheets you can check which i am maintaining for last two/three years when I started my journey with crypto. I am just showing you only the financing of this year with crypto.

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You can easily check from the excel sheet that i am dealing steem, hive, sbd, hbd etc. In the month of June July and August, the trading was much more because the price was a bit higher. But when the price of hive is started to reduce i refrain from selling. But in the picture of my excel sheet you can see the rate of different currencies in different timing.

In this situation it was not good situation for most of us. Because the level of income has been reduced dramatically due to the pandemic. In that time i had some shortage of fund for maintaining my family expenditure. So, I had option to finance from any sources. In that case I have to choose crypto. I had couple of cryptos in my wallet. And I have started working more on online as I was at home due to the pandemic situation. And it was an opportunity to earn more staying at home which was very much needed for my expenditure makeup. So, this is the scenario of financing in my case in the corona pandemic situation using crypto.


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In previous time i had some experience of blogging. But i have not traded crypto or digital currency. In this coronavirus situation i come to know lot of things about trading exchanging etc. I think it's the impact of crypto in my personal finance. For the situation and other factors I am one kind of forced to learn trading exchanging with crypto.


For this reason, I am getting some advantages in my personal finance with the help of crypto. It’s great. It's the best investment opportunity nowadays I must say. As I have seen a dramatic change over this year in price. If anyone can analyses the market with the help of several tools, he can easily finance here in the crypto world not only for the speculating, or arbitrage gain, but also can hedge to get a good return on investment (ROI). And in that way, it will help in reaching the personal financial goal.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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To balance the maintenance of finance, I think just like you say one must draw out spreadsheet that will compare the person spending and income with this it will help in finance management and controller of it also