Keeping the Right Customers in Business

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If you are starting up a business and you do not have the word customer or do not put it into consideration at all, then it is certain that the business will only last for a time if at all. Without customers, the life of a business is short, and the shortness of its life means flow of money into the business will be low.


In as much as customers are valuable to a company, it does not mean that all customers everyone is an eligible customer. There are a few people that do not intend to come continuously to patronize you, while some people, from the first transaction intend to keep staying with you and keep patronizing you. How do you attend to the right customers without making mistakes about them or showing care to the wrong customers?

The best way to long term customer coming is by evaluating the type of product/services and the people you intend to sell to. Someone selling superhero toys will target the children and not the parent. Considering how valuable a customer is to the business will determine how much energy, stress, time and money to be invested into them.

In most cases, the relationship you have with your customers and the way they relate with you determines how valuable they are to your business. At a time, the king of Brunei and his brother were Rolls Royce most valuable customers because they were always willing to buy and keep patronizing the Rolls Royce brand. This meant that they would be treated specially, attended to specially, and the company would always want to keep them around.

Enhancing customer satisfaction is key to keeping customers loyal

When a business starts to grow, it starts to grow its customer base and it is very important that it grows the right customer base and make sure your customers are always one call away to your business. Give them a reason to always come back, this is the only thing that can keep your customers. Apple uses exclusivity and that is why people will line on queue for hours and days to welcome the new Apple product that is coming into the market.

Keeping your customers close to you is one way to improve and grow businesses and it is also important to know that while aiming to keep them coming, never spend beyond the amount you value a customer else you will be spending your profit.


good article, it is a very common mistake is that when companies grow they forget that it is the customers who give them the income, they forget that without the customers there is no company

The final point is highly necessary, just because you are trying to keep a customer does not mean you should forego your profit, as much as customers are important your profit and the growth of your business also is important.

Hello friend, I have always thought that customers are the basis of every business, certainly we must know the types of customers and be attentive to their needs. Thanks for sharing.

To get to know our potential client with a good market research, where you want to invest to know the preference and the possibility that each client has to get the products or the goods and services that satisfy their needs.

It is true that some customers are just a one time customer while some are customers that will keep coming back it is important to know the difference between them and also know how to relate properly with each of them.

I initially use to take all customers as been the same until I understood to differentiate between them although this does not mean they shouldn't be treated with equal respect and attention, every customer is valid.

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