Bitcoin Dip, ChainLink Partnership, Ethereum ProgPoW & more (Crypto Over Coffee Ep.6)

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This week we saw a massive bitcoin dip following a rough stock market drop and Coronavirus fears intensifying. However, not all bitcoin news was bad, as Cash App brought some really impressive bitcoin adoption numbers in their earnings reports. In this episode, we also discuss Ethereum ProgPoW, ChainLink Polkadot integration, and more.

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1:09 - Twitter & YouTube Q&A Session!
15:41 - Billionaire Entrepreneur Is BULLISH About Bitcoin
16:44 - Ethereum's Controversial Hard Fork: ProgPoW
22:06 - An Independent Study Shows Brave Browser Is The Most Private Browser By Default
24:57 - "Crypto Mom" And Her Response To Yet Another SEC Bitcoin ETF Rejection
26:45 - Ethereum 2.0 Development Updates & Delivery Estimates
28:32 - ChainLinks AWESOME Strategy Continues To Pay Off
29:29 - The Biggest Lie You've Been Told About Bitcoin
31:51 - BUT, Cash App Brought Us Some Good BTC News!


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