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January 7, 2030.

  • Bitcoin jumps the hurdle! $100,000 USD/USDD. Is One Million next?
  • Loyd’s of London Crypto Consortium holds 10% Reserves in Crypto. Talks of going higher.
  • 72% of people hold some bitcoin, who are the holdouts?

February 10, 2030.

  • 400 million homes globally are NFT’d. Is yours?
  • Social media platforms Steemit, Hive and Paradym gaining ground on Facebook and WeChat. Have the Kings lost their luster?
  • Mother timestamps and hashes daughter’s accident photo on the Bitcoin blockchain with this caption:
    “To My Beloved Daughter: You have been in three at-fault accidents in a year and it has cost us a fortune. I warned you, you little brat, if you got into another accident, so help me, I would slap it on the blockchain. And I'm a woman of my word. You will never be able to live it down for the rest of your life and for the rest of humanity’s existence!”

March 3rd 2030.

  • The world is strapped with debt, how Value Coins & Q-Fi can help.
  • China twice the economy of US & EU; India catching up, did crypto-tech play a part?
  • Balance of Power has shifted fast, can decentralized finance stave off disaster?

April 18th 2030.

  • Have you tokenized your mesh network? If not, here’s how you can do it.
  • Forget AML and KYC, identity hashing is the brand new thing!
  • Quantum Walling...what you need to know to protect your protocol.

May 22nd 2030.

  • One million unique tokens and counting, have we gone crypto crazy?!?
  • Is Ethereum the new battlespace in a escalating Cold War?
  • Bitcoin on the Moon, has the mighty token gone interplanetary?
    On the 20th anniversary of Laszlo Hanyecz buying a pizza with 10,000 bitcoin...Russian cosmonaut orders a pizza for his daughter from the Cabeus Lunar Station for only .0001 BTC. How far this token has come!

June 26, 2030.

  • Can Ethereum bring the Cold Warriors to the table?
  • How the Big Tech Five have grown dependent on crypto.
  • In a decade, social media has turned from poisonous to profitable for its participants. How Crypto Social Media can make you a good living and a better person.

July 19, 2030.

  • Majority of crypto held in custody, do old habits die hard?
  • From Caracas to Cairo, there is a growing number of people making a great living on Steemit. You can too!
  • Now that Fully Homomorphic Encryption is the norm, what’s next for Ethereum?

August 21, 2030.

  • Bitcoin almost as big as gold, how do we top the oldest reserve asset?
  • From governments to corporations to school kids, identity coins are on the rise, have you created yours?
  • Man is banned from the RUN-TO-EARN DApp after attaching the tracking device to his dog and letting him out every day.
    In an interview, with the online identity of “IHateRunning,” he said, “I just wanted some extra crypto, and I'm too lazy to get my fat ass off the couch, and Meatball likes to run. Easiest money I've ever made."

September 1, 2030.

  • US to create it's very first sovereign wealth fund, and bitcoin is going to be a big part of it.
  • IMF calls Bitcoin to Arms, “We have to pull the reins on inflation and debt” says IMF Chief.
  • Crypto Trillionaires, did Satoshi see this coming?

October 22, 2030.

  • Once pariahs to governments, Zcash and Monero used to combat financial espionage.
  • From China to crypto, how the US Dollar dominance continues to wane.
  • What the hell, a SCAM Protocol, what will they think of next?
    SCAM is dedicated to scamming individuals, but then all the proceeds that people lost goes right back to their wallet as a lesson learned. The greatest rewards go to the developers that scam people out of the most crypto.
    The repository of scams is open source for anyone to see, as well as the protocol. The intent the founders say; “People are going to get scammed anyway, it might as well be from us, and hopefully they walk away more vigilant.”

November 25, 2030.

  • TRON, Cosmos and Cardano merge, how consortium protocols are growing in dominance.
  • 95% of bitcoin transactions are off chain, has public verification been marginalized?
  • 50% of global celebrities tokenized their bodies and faces, AND RENT THEM OUT! Ewwww. Wait, can I do that too?

December 13, 2030.

  • What, you can short-hash your smart home? Protecting your IOT devices from quantum hacks, would you like to know more?
  • How to keep your delegators safe from identity spoofing.
  • Most companies have at least some bitcoin or crypto on their books. But RoboPups, with $5 Million in annual earnings, is all in. It’s the first company to transact and hold only crypto. Are we crossing the crypto rubicon?

20% Allocated to ph-fund.

Stay frosty people. Thanks for reading.


Hi @fijimermaid thank you for this interesting way of your version of the Day after Tomorrow. First it is easy to read and to imagine, I can even feel that it could come true. The technology is developing so fast and unpredictable that everything might get changed from any single announcements.

The structure of post made reminded me some sci-fi books that I read when I was a child. Nice things to dream and to think why not?

I hope @steemcurator01 will agree with me this kind of post we have not had yet. Thank you for participating in this Steem Crypto Challenge :)

Very kind words. Thank you @stef1. Its cool that you brought up Sci-fi. I'm a big fan!

Wow, beautiful creativity. I don't know of bitcoin being able to jump to $100,000 but that's going to be unbelievable in 10 years. I think if all these won't happen in split seconds, Facebook won't be taken unawares and they won't be overtaken. I expect facebook to readjust in the face of crypto waves sweeping across the social media space. I knew they were up to something with libra but now it would get more serious.

Maybe some of these things can happen by 2040 but I won't bet on all happening by then.
#onepercent #nigeria

Thank you very much @jehoshua-shey.

That’s a great point about Facebook. I was thinking about the many possibilities with them over the next decade; and antitrust (splitting them up) stood out. What also stood out in my mind was that large companies tend to be less flexible and more subject to scrutiny by regulators. This may stifle their implementation of innovation; SpaceX and ULA are good examples.

At the same time, large well-run companies have access to a lot of capital, and they can put that to work in lobbying and acquiring innovative companies. So I do agree with you, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with and will not move over easily.

I love your comment, it makes me think more of the possibilities

Hi @fijimermaid
This post provides an interesting look into the future from your perspective, which is one of the values of Steemit; perspective and ideas. Life and it’s problems and questions are not two dimensional like a flat piece of paper. Life and reality are 3 dimensional real objects with height, width and depth. Since we all view life only from our perspective or our position in time and space we can’t see all of it. We are like a child looking at the tail of a whale and not being able to see the head or fins. We need help...we need the perspective of others.

Thank you @shortsegments.

"like a child looking at the tail of a whale and not being able to see the head or fins."

Love the analogy. And maybe some tails don't have a head or fins attached 😁
The branches of possibilities, that’s what makes the future so fun to dream about.

Congratulations you are one of the winners of the Steem Crypto Challenge Month...

Thank you for taking part

The Steemit Team

Thank you so much @steemcurator01. And thank you for having these inspiring challenges.

It's thought to predict the future accurately but you have done well to tell us what could probably be happening in the next 10 years with respect to crypto.

Congratulations for being nominated friend.
Have a nice day.

Thank you my friend. Have a good rest of the weekend.

Great post. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you very much.

Stunning, delightful imagination. I don't know about bitcoin having the option to hop to $100,000 yet that will be inconceivable in 10 years. I think if all these won't occur in split seconds, Facebook won't be surprised and they won't be overwhelmed. I expect facebook to rearrange despite crypto waves clearing over the web-based media space. I realized they were looking for trouble with libra yet now it would get more genuine.

Perhaps a portion of these things can occur by 2040 however I won't wager on all occurrence by at that point.

Thank you so much @bryan2000. And I love your comment.

I agree; I think Facebook is well aware of the coming wave of cryptoeconomics. And they have a lot of capital at their disposal. So they might use it for lobbying and gobbling up innovative companies. But sometimes large companies are less flexible and more subject to regulatory scrutiny. And there's a growing antitrust movement in the US. So there is a probability that may stifle their growth, or something more drastic, they could be split up.

Whatever happens, the future is pretty exciting. I always like entertaining the possibilities.

This is absolutely incredible..
From which database did you get all this facts from??

Thank you so much @chinonso1, you are very kind.

I didn't get everything from one source in particular. It kind of just popped in my head from what I know about crypto, geopolitics, technology, economics, history, etc… I like reading, what can I say, hehe.

But like @shortsegments said in the above comment, I am just one perspective. There are a ton of things that I missed. A couple things in particular; biometrics and artificial intelligence.

And as @stef1 mentioned above about Science Fiction, a lot of my imagination stems from that.

Here are some fun websites that I surf to broaden my imagination.

But then after I read through this material, I have to fact-check it and determine the probability of successful implementation. Dreaming is one thing, implementing it is something entirely different.

Again, thank you for the kind comment @chinonso1.

Hello friend @fijimermaid excellent futuristic work you did, no doubt you have very clear how important the cryptos are in the future, I hope your predictions come true, because, the cryptos have become an important financial means for many people.

See you later, my friend. Keep up the good work and have a great week!

Thank you @amestyj.

I hope so as well. Financial accessibility, privacy, accountability, etc…through crypto have all been very positive for humanity. I look forward to its bright future.

$100,000 USD by 2030

My assets gonna 10 times by 10 years. Wow.
Nice to read your post as its all about prediction and i loved this.

Thank you very much @engrsayful.

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