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RE: Project Hope 1000 Subscribers - My Introduction to PH by @juanmolina

in Project HOPE7 months ago

This is really a success story worth the headlines. I got to meet Piotr along the way on Steemit and ever since then, I can't stop admiring his work rate, dedication, and ability to be consistent. His efforts in community building and outstanding leadership is worth a whole article. And how about his tact (saying the needful without offending the hearer), it's something I want to every community leader should cherish. I thank Piotr, you Juanmolina and all the PH leadership. This enormous result and the success of PH can never be discussed without talking about your collective, outstanding industriousness.

More heights to be achieved and wishing PH more success. I will continue to support this effort in whatever small way I can.

Thanks, Charles.

 7 months ago 

He is absolutely right: Piotr is the inspiring force of the project (but do not tell him, because he is very humble and does not like praise).

Thank you for being part of our beautiful family, sincerely your contribution has been of great value to all of us, we hope to continue together and grow for much longer.

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