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RE: #ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

in Project HOPE9 months ago

Good to know a bit more of you. I am myself a Sys Eng too... but I play a role into a particular side of the IT, which is HPC (High Performance Computing).

Diverse team... That's usually a really big advantage. Looking into the future, seeing a team grow like this, it would continue to help diversifying the skills of the team, such as on, finance and others.

Some of you already have "in some extend" knowledge with "government"/"politics", so that will become in handy, on the growth continuation of such team.

I will be around as usual =) Blockchain is my hobby (fortunately for me, I can make of it a hobby).

 9 months ago 

Thanks for support us dear friend @forykw.

 9 months ago 

Hi @forykw

I am only pleased to know that you will be close, thank you for all your support for all of us in this community and in this family of friends that we are creating.


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